lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007

G-Anx-masterpeace 7"

Here is a text about G-Anx biography taken from the Swedishpunk website, apparently written by a member of band:
"Started as Gravida Anker (Pregnant Ducks) in Huskvarna, Sweden 1982. Gravida Anker were playing some old school midtempo punkrock, but the following years they were infiltrated by the young noisecore extremists from Penisknyckarna (Steve, Putte & Hoccy) and the name was cut down to G-ANX in '84. A few years later the last original member Sonnerby was replaced by Hedda. With this final setting we rehearsed approx. 20 times until the split-up in '91 (it's better to split up than to be infiltrated and replaced). We also performed about 20 gigs and recorded 4 vinyl-ep:s - that's all folks. The last ep was supposed to be an album, but some tapes were erased by mistake(?) and we didn't have the energy to complete it."
This four track 7" was released by Elderberry Records (E.B.-001) back in 1990 and it is the third of the four ep's they released back in late 80's early 90's. From the hardcore attack of "the narrow path' and 'You",to the acoustic intros of "Clouds or cancer" and 'Life?' this record is simply what it name says, slightly paraphrased: A masterpiece of fast swedish hardcore with bashing drums, shouting vocals and raging guitars with some melodic and acoustic parts
Sound Pollution Records released the 'Flashbacks cd" in 1993 including their vinyl material plus a few tracks from compilations. G-Anx disbanded in 1991 and some members(Hoccy & Steve) formed Counterblast.
1. The narrow path
2. Clouds or cancer
3. Life?
4. You

G-anx-Masterpeace 7''

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