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Tolshock - Spikes and Studs and Hard to the Core and Distortion and Screams and Fight War Not Wars EP

Style: crust
Country: Sweden
Format: 128@mp3
Size: 10 Mb

1. Oh No, Not Another Bloody Warsong (1:04)
2. Bastard (1:14)
3. Industrial Breakdown (1:55)
4. Framed (1:49)
5. Consume the Poison (1:34)
6. Peace Through Piece (1:37)
7. Toursong (1:09)


viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007

Electro Hippies - Play fast or die

Electro Hippies
Play fast or die

Label: Necrosis
Cat. #: NECRO 001

Released: 1986


Intro (Wrath of Michael)
Acid rain
Run Ronald
Wings of death
Theme toon (Frash it out)

Am I Punk yet?
The reaper
Next time
Vivisection song
Profit from death
Mega-Armageddondeath Pt.3
The horns of Hades

This eccentric "grindcore" outfit formed in Liverpool, England, in 1985. Specializing in low-technology studio techniques, they went on to issue a sequence of albums for Peaceville, and, later, Necrosis. In each case, a distorted, bass-laden barrage was overridden by stomach-churning vocals that consciously lacked both finesse and cohesion. The band's initial line-up (as you find on this release) featured Simon (drums), Bruno (bass), Andy (guitar) and Jeff Walker (vocals) After recording a split-single with Generic, Jeff and Bruno left the band, with the former joining Carcass. Bruno was replaced by Dom, with all three members assuming vocal duties. Chaotic and extreme, Electro Hippies used their platform to chastise the whole recording industry. Their mantle was upheld in the first case by Radio 1 disc jockey John Peel, for whom the band recorded a July 1987 session consisting of nine tracks. If you are interested in this too I recommend you a visit @ The Perfumed Garden. Kriss posted it there 2 weeks ago (and if you are interested in more Peelsessions you should have a look there too - it's my #1 blog for all the peely crap). The Electro Hippies split-up in 1989.

Source: Vinyl
Format: mp3 (192kbps)

Cover: included (300dpi scan)

Download here (24MB)!

Doctor and the Crippens - Raphanadosis (Repost)

Doctor and the Crippens


Label: Manic Ears Records
Cat. #: ACHE 018 CD
Released: 1989


Garden Centre Murders
Zombies In Disneyland
The Elvis Shroud
Enter The Garden
I'm So Dumb
G Plan 9 From Outer Space
My Brother Is A Headcase

Anti-Christ On Button Moon
Kid With The Removable Face
Fire Prevention
Song For Guy
8 Years In Office
Jimmy Goes To Egypt

Extreme Noise T
Nightmare On Sesame Street


Pink Machine Gun
The Ballade Of Farmer Vincent
Garden Centre Murders
Peely Backwards
Ode To A Slug

Pneumatic Geek
Death Squad
Jimmy Goes To Egypt
Don't Look In The Freezer
Experiment Conclusion

This album is a killer, great and monsterous hardcore that really blasts your head off! Like many cool bands of this time I heard them first at John Peels great BFBS-Radioshow back in the late 80s and they are still one of my favorite HC-Acts. Sorry that I couldn't provide any more information about them, I found nearly nothing in the net expect that they came from Bristol/UK. Their shows must have been really weird and spectacular, including a firebreathing singer and tons of exploding cabbage on the stage.

The Raphanadosis-Album was released in 1988 on Vinyl, the CD came out in 1989 with a 12 song Peel Session added as Bonus.

And, as always there is something you could do for me at last. For Years I'm on a heavy search for their "Fired from the circus" album, please let me know if you can help me with that. If you know some more about them or what these guys are doing nowadays, let me know. And last but not least there is a 3rd album in their discography “Avant Gardening”, wich would be also very interesting for me. THX

Source: CD
Format: mp3 (192kbps)
Cover: included (300dpi scan)

Download here (92MB)!

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CRUCIFIX (USA) - Dehumanization , lp 1983

If you like Discharge,then you must try this band.With a Cambodian singer,Sothira Pheng,the band played a Discharge-like Hardcore,really extreme and fast (for that time).This is,as far as I know,their only album,short and intense.The band existed for a relatively short time,but this album is a true masterpiece.

02.How when where
03.Skinned alive
05.No limbs
06.Another mouth to feed
07.Search for the sun
09.Three miles to oblivion
10.See through their lies
11.Death toll
12.Blind destruction
13.Rise and fall
14.Stop torture


DISCHARGE (UK) - Hear nothing see nothing say nothing , lp 1982

The album that made me love extreme music.The band that made me love extreme music.The perfection of brutality and intensity.This is the album that EVERYONE must have.The second demo of my band Devastation was called by a title from this album.And also the biggest bands as Gaytallica,Sepultura,Machine Head covered Discharge.I dare to say that this one is extremer and faster than most of the Thrash or Hardcore albums you`ve ever heard.And we`re talking of 1982!!!!Just listen,for example,to the triplette tracks 8-9-10!!And this post is to celebrate their gig in Zagreb the 26th of October,22 days from now!!I am so excited,I can`t wait to see them.

01.Hear nothing see nothing say nothing
02.The nightmare continues
03.The final bloodbath
04.Protest and survive
05.I won`t subscribe
06.Drunk with power
08.A hell on earth
09.Cries of help
10.The possibility of life`s destruction
11.Q;And children? A;And children!
12.The blood runs red
13.Free speech for the dumb
14.The end


GENITAL DEFORMITIES (UK) - Who did this to my sister , cd 1994

I stumbled accidentally on this CD (this one is part of a split-CD with the portuguese band Subcaos) wondered what kind of stuff plays a band called Genital Deformities..and remained surprised.This CD is great Hardcore stuff,slightly metalized,but still enough Hardcore.Mid-paced Hardcore sometimes getting faster,but always controlled.Great stuff,really.

01.Government ideas
02.Uncle Dennis
03.Fuck the government
04.Profession of violence
06.While the nation dies
08.Hard men
09.You`ll never know why
11.Grotesque movements
13.It`s all for God
14.Who did this to my sister


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V.A - Daffodils To The Daffodils - Here's The Daffodils'83

V.A - Daffodils To The Daffodils - Here's The Daffodils'83

1. Introduction - Introduction (0:15)
2. Mau Maus - Facts Of War (1:53)

3. Onslaught - Black Horse of Famine (1:21)
4. Destrucktions - Trade Union (2:10)
5. The Unjust - In Shape (1:33)

6. Noncens - The Battlefield (1:09)
7. Destrucktions - Who's Got the Power (1:52)
8. The Unjust - No Justice (2:05)

9. No Control - Johnny (1:34)

10. Morbid Humour - Give Us This Day (3:03)

11. Noncens - Give Us a Future (3:41)

12. Leitmotiv - (Living In A) Tin (3:03)

13. No Control - Suicide (3:30)

14. Leitmotiv - Silent Run (3:50)

15. 15-No Room For You.mp3

16. 16-Ivan's Revenge.mp3

17. 17-Shadow Of Death.mp3
18. 18-Black And White.mp3
19. 19-Rather Off Be Dead.mp3
20. 20-Oh My God (Part One & Two).mp3

V.A - Bollox to the Gonads lp - Here's the Testicles'84

V.A - Bollox to the Gonads lp - Here's the Testicles'84


01. mau maus - just another day.mp3
02. savage circle - dont do it.mp3
03. legion of parasites - dying world.mp3
04. anti system - schoolboy.mp3
05. p.s.a. - yankee.mp3
06. xtract - (waiting for the) genocide.mp3
07. crude ss - ingen skola (no school).mp3
08. repulsive alien- say and do.mp3
09. riot squad - police power.mp3
10. savage circle - we dont have to.mp3
11. subversion - god's a fairytale.mp3
12. skeptix - traitor.mp3
13. p.s.a. - nuclear peace.mp3
14. mau maus - running with the pack.mp3
15. instigators - monkey man.mp3
16. anti system - why should it happen.mp3
17. savage circle - kill yourself.mp3
18. mau maus - no concern.mp3
19. canal terror - sausbauch.mp3
20. xtract - blame it on the youth.mp3
21. p.s.a. - no war.mp3
22. instigators - old soldiers.mp3
23. savage circle - kill corps.mp3
24. skeptix - legion of the damned.mp3
25. subversion - death agony.mp3
26. riot squad - suspicion.mp3
27. crude ss - vad du säger, vad jag gör (what you say, what i do).mp3
28. p.s.a. - black work.mp3
29. legion of parasites - death watch.mp3
30. savage circle - hardcore rules.mp3

V.A - Japanese Hardcore 1980 - 1985

V.A - Japanese Hardcore 1980 - 1985


1. Aburadako - Unknown (1:00)
2. Bitousha - Giseisha (2:09)
3. Bones - Insanity (2:43)
4. Clay - Future Terror (2:16)
5. Cobra - Worst Song (2:24)
6. Comes - Panic (1:40)
7. Execute - Say (4:13)
8. G Zet - Unknown Title (2:20)
9. Kikeiji - Pressure (3:17)
10. Koro - Selfish Cow (1:25)
11. Laughin Nose - Hell Home (3:19)
12. Lip Cream - Born to Loose (2:07)
13. Lip Cream - No Mercy (2:26)
14. Lsd - Unknown Title (2:09)
15. Masturbation - Onanism (2:19)
16. Outo - I Like Cola (2:04)
17. Rose Rose - Put Out Emotion (3:02)
18. Sa - Confound it (3:02)
19. Stalin - Niku (1:38)
20. Swankys - Punch Bowl (1:34)
21. Systematik Death - Kids (1:09)

V.A - Full Speed Ahead (Finland '83-'85)

V.A - Full Speed Ahead (Finland '83-'85)


1. Mellakka - Ei/Oikeus valita (2:24)
2. Mellakka - Traditio (1:31)
3. Mellakka - Ei oikeutta (1:32)
4. Mellakka - Ei valtaa (1:26)
5. Mellakka - Tuhoon tuomittu (0:57)

6. Mellakka - Syyllinen (1:23)

7. Abortti 13 - Suolia saatana (1:25)
8. Abortti 13 - Professori Balthasar (1:18)

9. Abortti 13 - Veteraani (0:39)

10. Pyhakoulu - Vanhempien rakkaus (1:20)

11. Pyhakoulu - Ihmisen aani (1:25)

12. Pyhakoulu - Yhteiskunnan toivot (2:50)

13. Appendix - Huora (2:03)
14. Appendix - Eliittipiiri (1:26)

15. Appendix - Painajainen (1:21)

16. Appendix - Taa on mun oma sota (1:19)
17. Aparat - Terroristi (3:06)
18. Aparat - Yesus on kuoll
ut (1:13)
19. Aparat - Viiltaja Jack (1:51)

20. Aparat - Pikku Mikko (2:10)

21. Aparat - Anarkiaa Suomeen (1:21)
22. Aparat - Tavallinen ihminen (1:46)
23. Pohjasakka - Tapa sotilas (1:28)

24. Pohjasakka - Armeija, miesten koulu (1:54)

25. Pohjasakka - Sortoa ja vihaa (2:11)

26. Pohjasakka - Maailma taynna vihaa (1:27)

27. Pohjasakka - Huora! (1:43)

28. Kuolleet Kukat - Suuri virhe (2:53)

29. Kuolleet Kukat - Kukaan ei enaa kysy miksi (2:38)


Exelente banda Britanica de hardcore Punk & Thrash: