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Sacrifice- forward to termination LP (1987)

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1. Forward To Termination / Terror Strikes
2. Re-Animator
3. Afterlife
4. Flames Of Armageddon
5. The Entity
6. Forever Enslaved
7. Cyanide
8. Light Of The End
9. Pyrokinesis

I initially bought the Sacrifice record due to one of the dudes on the back cover wearing an Agnostic Front t shirt (cheesy I know), and another dude wearing a Death shirt. I was sort of distancing myself from most metal at this time in my life, and embracing hardcore punk full on. So for me to buy metal at this time, was rare and sort of a "hidden" type of treasure that I still secretly was enjoying.
Sacrifice were from Canada, and played a ripping style of my favorite type of metal ever.... German styled Thrash in the vein of Destruction, Kreator, Sodom. Brilliant stuff that still gets me everytime (20 years later). I love the vox, and the horse trots.


viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2007

ANTICIMEX Raped Ass (This Systems' Still A) / Victims of a Bombraid CD (Distortion Rec.)

Honey, I Need Money / Money To Find My Way / Haven't Had A Bite Since Saturday Nite"

Only in it for Slobodan part 2.

ANTICIMEX Raped Ass (This Systems' Still A) / Victims of a Bombraid CD (Distortion Rec.)

No bleeding further information needed, if you don't know by now you will never get it. Thanks for whoever uploaded this, it is indeed too kind! / S.B

Anti Cimex Rules The Blogwaves. (13662 KB, no password, so no excuses not to grab it!)

Hiatus - Old Shit For Consumers

When I Hear the Word "Work" - I Reach For My Revolver" - Slobodan B.

Hiatus - Old Shit For Consumers

Part.1. Part.2.

Moderat Likvidation - KUKNACKE LP/CD (Distortion, 1994)

Kalle Kalle Kalle Pa Spangen!

Hi how are you?

Ok I guess EVERYONE already has this one but for those newcomers or suckers who lent it to friends who then never returned it, here's Sweden's Moderat Likvidation compilation CD from Distrotion Records. It features lots of stuff which i can't be arsed to elaborate on. I think the tracklisting is pretty fucked up on this one but frankly I think that it's cool. Its only punk so to say. I also added the 3 tracks of I Thrash... so beware that there may be some duplication or whatever.

Anyway, the radio interview is so stupid I am speechless. You know the whole "Punk is not anarchism" and "Punk is about being a arsehole and getting fucked up". It is so silly it is hard to believe. Anyone care to transcribe it and translate to English please do so in comments for those ignorant of Swedish.

Moderat Likvidation - KUKNACKE LP/CD (Distortion, 1994)

Tracklisting as guidance only, not exact listing in folder!

1. Nitad
2. White Rastas
3. Hiroshima
4. Marionett i kedjor
5. Proggrebell
6. Brända celler
7. Tio timmar
8. Enola Gay
9. Kötta huve
10. SPD
11. KKK
12. Sne '83
13. Våld
14. Anti Fag
15. Intervju
16. Nitad
17. Sprängd
18. Dödens barn
19. Tio timmar
20. Enola Gay
21. Atombomb
22. Nitad
23. White Rastas
24. Tio timmar
25. Marionett i kedjor
26. Kuknacke
27. Moderat likvidation
28. Nitad
29. Enola Gay

Plus the 3 tracks from V/A I THRASH THEREFORE I AM:

12. MODERAT LIKVIDATION (Sweden) "Tio Timmar"
13. MODERAT LIKVIDATION (Sweden) "Nitad"
14. MODERAT LIKVIDATION (Sweden) "Dodeus Barn"

Tory Liqvidation
A few more updates today then I am off to Brixton Academy for some Swedish dancemusic courteously The Haunted who I have never heard but assume will be "alright, no more no less".

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2007

Ekkaia - Manos que estrechan.../Demasiado Tarde Para..

Ekkaia - Manos que estrechan planes de muerte y sometimiento

Genre: Crust
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 38,73 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am

01 Arrastrados
02 El desprecio a lo oculto
03 Estetica VS humano
04 Ilusiones robadas de la inocencia
05 Manos que estrechan planes de muerte y sometimiento
06 Mercaderes de la muerte
07 Mujer y hombre
08 Obedecidas bajo el miedo del castigo
09 Secuestrado por los deseos conformistas del asesino
10 Sobras del progreso

Ekkaia - Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Per

Genre: Crust
Bitrate: 196 kBit/s (VBR)
Größe: 43,71 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am

01 Mientras Dormimos
02 Piedra Sobre Piedra
03 Palabras De Ayer
04 Convirtamos Las Palabras En Fu
05 Caminando En Circulos
06 El Ultimo Aliento
07 Viviendo Dias Mas Oscuros
08 El Oxido Y La Maquina
09 Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Per


Witch Hunt - Blood Red States

Crustpunk desde usa.

Pass: gmb.dl.am


Code 13 - Complete Discography 1994-2000

Genre: Crust/Grindcore/Thrash
Bitrate: 208 kBit/s (VBR)
Größe: 77,30 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am

01 Doomed Society
02 Into The Whirlwind
03 Poison Society
04 Manufactured Identity
05 We Will Fight Them In The Streets
06 Off The Pigs
07 Spokesman For No-one
08 The Future Is Futile
09 Darkness At Noon
10 Dog Kontrol
11 Dog Killer
12 Cities Will Burn
13 Put The Banner Down
14 Last Of The Mohicans
15 Hardcore For The Kids
16 Stay True
17 In For The Duration
18 Shady Acres
19 This Means War
20 Send More Cops
21 Birth Of Retribution Is Anger
22 Armed To The Teeth
23 In Your Head
24 Club Scene
25 Why We Fight
26 No Exit
27 Lucid Illusion
28 Serve For Country
29 Rage Against The Mainstream
30 Days Of Rage
31 The Die Is Cast
32 No One Is Innocent
33 Death Squad El Salvador
34 Degenerate Art
35 Resistoleros
36 Paean
37 Give The Kids What They Want
38 Mondo Aggro
39 Criminal Empire
40 Free The Unabomber
41 Two Fisted Tales
42 Worldwide Hardcore Pride
43 Red Dawn/Fuck The Geto Bird
44 World War Three
45 Mohawks And Mustaches...
46 The Crash Out
47 Propaganda Control (NOTA)
48 Da' Real Deal (NYC Antidote)
49 Shadow Of Fear
50 Mall Rat Girl


Anfo - Sacro Egoismo

Genre: Anarcho / Crust
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 34,17 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2005

01 Manifiesto
02 Sacro Egoismo
03 Grasias por Llevarnos ALCArajo
04 Human Sacrifice
05 Mas Control
06 Confundidos Separados
07 Anti-sectas
08 Escuela de las Américas
09 Odio al Sistema
10 Amnistia


Born/Dead - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us

Genre: Crust

Bitrate: 128 kBit/s
Größe: 27,46 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2003

01 A Look At The World
02 Waiting
03 Accuser
04 Perspectives Of Lies That Blind
05 The Last To Starve
06 Indigent
07 C.R.W.M.
08 I Can't Deal With It
09 Fantasies Of Success
10 Deadtime
11 Homeless
12 24 Hostages
13 Traitor
14 No One Gets Out Alive


Disrupt - Discography CD

Genre: Crust
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 34,15 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2001

01 Trapped
02 Leave Me Be
04 You've No One To Blame/Xenopho
05 Protest (Conflict)
06 Crusade Of Fanaticism
07 An End To White Rule
08 Body Count
09 Coexistance
10 Slave To Stupidity
11 Another Angle On Angling
12 No One Seems To Give A Fuck
13 Equalize


Behind Enemy Lines - Know your enemy

Genre: Crust
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 44,89 MB
Passwort: endless

01 Behind enemy lines
02 Setting things right again
03 American made death squad
04 Why does she stay?
05 The cure
06 Out of sight, out of mind
07 Devastated
08 Murder at the G8 summit
09 Voice of dissent
10 Dogmatic slumber
11 Fucking bastards
12 The growing wealth gap
13 Closure?

Disaffect - Live

Great Crust with female & male vocals!

Genre: Crust
Bitrate: 224 kBit/s
Größe: 79,81 MB
Passwort: endless
Jahr: 1992/1994
Other Info: Vinyl Rip, Includes booklet with all lyrics

Side Punk
01 Humane Humans
02 No End In Sight
03 Headfucked
04 Solution Available
05 A Taste Of Their Own Medicine
06 Craven Image
07 A Flea For Life
08 The Last Giant
09 Brain Dead
10 Fast Music Doesn't Mean Violent Dancing
11 Narrow Minded Bigots

Recorded Live in Glasgow '92

Side As Fuck
01 Storm Coming
02 Internal Life
03 Chained To Morality
04 The End
05 Home Of The Brave
06 One Law For Them
07 Slow Death
08 Instrumental
09 Sometimes
10 Can't See The Woods
11 The Man Who Cleaned The Bog
12 Judge & Be Damned

Recorded Live in Dijon, France '94


Mässmörd - Inget Liv / Ingen Död

Genre: Crust
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 39,34 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2005

01 Wasted Lives
02 Inget Val
03 En Kärleksförklaring
04 Same old story, same old shit
05 Slaktplats sverige
06 Nackskott
07 Ena foten i graven
08 Ett Liv taget för givet
09 It's true, it's true
10 Din äckliga snutjävel
11 Koloni


VA - Human Dust Vol. 2

Sick Crust & Grind Compilation

Genre: Crust / Grind
Bitrate: 224 kBit/s
Größe: 27,47 MB
Passwort: endless
Jahr: 2001

Side A
01 Basalt - Massick
02 Völkermord - Thomapyrin & Musaril
03 Tolshock - Bastard
04 Wartoys - The World Is A Garbage
05 Instinct Of Survival - The End
06 Instinct Of Survival - Leben

Side B
07 Tuco Ramirez - Shelter Banger
08 Tuco Ramirez - Zwart
09 Staniak - Parasitenpack
10 Gmork - Fluktuation 8
11 Sick Terror - Inimicos Por Natureza
12 Slorm - Only In It For The Music Pt. 3


Red With Anger & Metasystox - Split

Genre: Crust / Grind
Bitrate: 224 kBit/s
Größe: 25,01 MB
Passwort: endless
Jahr: 2002

Side A - Red With Anger
01 Schurkenstaat
02 Plastik Welt
03 Stumme Rache

Side B - Metasystox
04 New York, 8:45 Ortszeit
05 Ohne Inhalt
06 Robots Won't Riot
07 Krank
08 Message In A Bottle


Skitsystem & Cyness - Split

nice little split 7"! 2 SKITSYSTEM tracks that sound like what you expect from a band with such a name and a swedish nationality [d-beat crust for all the retards that didn´t get it till now]! on the flipside you get 5 tracks of one of germanys grindcore hopes CYNESS that make no prisoners! fierce & brutal! the 1st CYNESS cd will be uploaded here soon!
DivShare File - Skitsystem.Cyness_Split.rar

Genre: Crust / Grindcore
Bitrate: 224 kBit/s
Größe: 18,85 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2006

Side A - Skitsystem
01 Döden Är Min Maskinist
02 Pestbringaren

Side B - Cyness
03 Patriotenidioten
04 Pogoslaughter
05 Maulhelden
06 Bushkrieger
07 Kleines Licht


Doom & Hiatus - Lost The Fight

Genre: Crust
Bitrate: 160 kBit/s
Größe: 15,41 MB
Passwort: endless

01 Doom - Choice
02 Doom - Believer Consciousness
03 Doom - Scandinavian Doorbreaker
04 Doom - Lost The Fight
05 Hiatus - Disarm The Bastards
06 Hiatus - Relief Pt. IV
07 Hiatus - Blood Shot


Phobia - Cruel/Destroying The Masses/Get Up And Kill

Phobia - Cruel

Genre: Grindcore
Bitrate: 243 kBit/s
Größe: 36,64 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2006

01 Cruel
02 Death To False Punks
03 So Full Of Hate
04 Scientific Fraud
05 Slaying Bastards
06 Get The Fuck Out
07 Drunken Spree Of Violence
08 Your Turn Next
09 Grind
10 Lets Get Pissed
11 Loud Proud And Punk As Fuck
12 Cursed
13 Ignorants Americans
14 Yankee Swine
15 Fascist Smash Face
16 Wars With Us
17 Never
18 Kill To Love
19 War Of The Sexes
20 Enemy Of The State
21 Numb

Phobia - Destroying The Masses

Genre: Grindcore
Bitrate: 243 kBit/s
Größe: 24,62 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am

01 reconstruct
02 parasite
03 spine
04 self worth
05 your way
06 who's your enemy
07 fraud face
08 oblivious
09 intentions hold
10 chloe

Phobia - Get Up And Kill

Genre: Grindcore
Bitrate: 243 kBit/s
Größe: 24,46 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2004

01 Set To Rage
02 Insults Of Defeat
03 Extremity Of The Will
04 Get Up And Kill
05 Healing Of The Wounds
06 Time Will Seize
07 Revolutionary's Hell
08 The Stench
09 His War, Not To An End
10 Violence And Greed
11 Mental Insurrection
12 Your Own Way (Live)
13 Vicious Social Order (Live)
14 Beer Brake (Live)
15 Reconstruct (Live)
16 Bush (Live)
17 Ailing Addiction (Live)


Decontrol - Vision Of Death EP

Genre: D-Beat
Bitrate: 160 kBit/s
Größe: 6,35 MB
Passwort: endless
Jahr: 1998

01 Vision Of Death
02 National Protest
03 ...It's Sick Fucking Shit
04 Incendiary Attack


Masskontroll - Will You Ever Learn

Genre: D-Beat
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 43,6 MB
Passwort: endless
Jahr: 1996

01 Mortis Invictus
02 Not the work of mother nature
03 Desperate cries
04 Pain, bloodshed and war
05 Nuclear gore
06 Pain without end
07 Nothing but murderers
08 Civilizations end
09 Winds of genocide
10 Forced values
11 Race of extinction
12 Epilogue


lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2007

G.I.S.M. - Detestation/Performance Of War/SoniCRIME TheRapy

G.I.S.M. - Detestation

Genre: Japanese Hardcore/D-Beat
Bitrate: 128 kBit/s
Größe: 18,8 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am

01 Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter
02 Death Agonies And Screams
03 A.B.C. Weapons
04 Night Mare
05 Document 1
06 (Tere Their) Syphalitic Vaginas To Pieces
07 Nuclear Armed Hogs
08 Anthem

G.I.S.M. - Performance Of War

Genre: Japanese Hardcore/D-Beat
Bitrate: 128 kBit/s
Größe: 62,65 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am

01 Choke
02 Enless Blockads For The Pussyfooter
03 Death Agonies And Screams
04 A.B.C. Weapons
05 Nih Nightmare
06 Documment One
07 Tear Their Syphilitic Vaginas To Pieces
08 Nuclear Armed Hogs
09 Anthem
10 Gash Bite Snatch Aahb
11 Death Exclaimations
12 Fire
13 Still Alive
14 Nervous Corps
15 G.I.S.M.
16 Aahb
17 Shoot to Kill
18 Endless Blockads Alt. Version
19 Punks is Hippies
20 Seeds Rock'n'Roll
21 N.S.B. copy

G.I.S.M. - SoniCRIME TheRapy

Genre: Japanese Hardcore/D-Beat
Bitrate: 128 kBit/s
Größe: 57,1 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am

01 Dual Improvisations for hypochondriac
02 KI-1
03 RUNS-2
04 KI-4
05 RUNS-3
06 RUNS-1
07 RU-3
08 KI-2
09 KI-5
10 RU-1
11 KI3
12 Phenomenal Exile in Schizophrenic Patients
13 Hidden Track


Gauze - Equalizing Distort

Genre: Japanese Hardcore/D-Beat
Bitrate: 128 kBit/s
Größe: 17,11 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am

01 Pressing On
02 Crash the Pose
03 Thrash Thrash Thrash
04 title in japanese
05 Fact and Criminal
06 title in japanese
07 Low Charge
08 Absinth Trip
09 Distort Japan
10 title in japanese


Tragedy - Vengeance/self-titled/Nerve Damage

Tragedy - Vengeance

Genre: Crust/D-Beat
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 53,3 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2003

01 Conflicting Ideas
02 Call to Arms
03 Vengeance
04 Recurring Nightmare
05 Beginning of the End
06 The Lure
07 Night Falls
08 The Day After
09 War Within Us
10 Revengeance
11 To the Dogs
12 No Words

Tragedy - self-titled

Genre: Crust/D-Beat
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 46,3 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2000

01 The Point Of No Return
02 Not Fucking Fodder
03 Never Knowing Peace
04 Confessions Of A Suicide Advocate
05 The Intolerable Weight
06 You Are An Experiment
07 Products Of A Cold War
08 With Empty Hands Extended
09 Tension Awaiting Imminent Collapse
10 Chemical Imbalance

Tragedy - Nerve Damage

Moderner Crust/D-Beat. Nachfolgeband von His Hero Is Gone

Genre: Crust/D-Beat
Bitrate: 128 kBit/s
Größe: 50,4 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2006

01 Eyes of Madness
02 Force of Law
03 Rabid Panic
04 Deaf and Disbelieving
05 The Hunger
06 In Formation
07 Incendiary
08 Crucifier
09 Under the Radar
10 Plan of Execution
11 Untitled


Auktion - D-Beat Rock 'n' Roll Mayhem

Genre: D-Beat/Crustpunk
Bitrate: 128 kBit/s
Größe: 21,07 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2005

01 Intro
02 Är Vi Verkligen Nöjda?
03 En Ny Generation Stöveltramp
04 Hey Kid!
05 På Med Plattan
06 Du Är Förtryck
07 Kopps
08 Ett Liv Som Fånge
09 Burning Police Cars
10 Fördummad Av Status
11 Raped Ass Pt2
12 N.W.I.W
13 Scouting The Target, Planning The Action
14 Det Viktigaste (Unrealesed Comp Track)


Anti Cimex - 5 Way Released

Anti Cimex - Made In Sweden (Live)

Genre: D-Beat/Hardcore Punk
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 38,84 MB
Passwort: gmb.dl.am
Jahr: 1993

1 Criminal trap
2 Time to
3 Going down
4 Sister daylight
5 Make my day
7 Under the sun
8 When the innocent die
9 Pain killer

Anti Cimex - demos 82

Genre: D-Beat/Hardcore Punk
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 19,34 MB
Passwort: gmb.dl.am
Jahr: 1982

1 heroindöd
2 mutning
3 anti-cimex
4 svaveldioxid
5 drömmusik
6 eibon
7 krossa nrp
8 no title
9 no title
10 the armed a-attack
11 no tv-sketch
13 instrumental
14 en död soldat
15 jordens undergång

Anti Cimex - Criminal Trap

Genre: D-Beat/Hardcore Punk
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 21,18 MB
Passwort: gmb.dl.am
Jahr: 1986

01 Prelude E-Minor
02 Criminal Trap
03 Time To?
04 Make My Day
05 Smell Of Silence
06 Pain Killer
07 Set Me Free

Anti-Cimex - Victims Of A Bomb Raid

Genre: D-Beat/Hardcore Punk
Bitrate: 128
Größe: 14 MB
Passwort: gmb.dl.am
Jahr: 1984

01 when the innocent die
02 warmachine
03 total silence
04 cries of pain
05 raped ass
06 desperate hours
07 game of the arseholes
08 victims of a bombraid
09 set me free

Anti Cimex - Anarkist Attack

Erste EP der schwedischen D-Beat Legenden

Genre: D-Beat/Hardcore Punk
Bitrate: 128 kBit/s
Größe: 4,09 MB
Passwort: gmb.dl.am
Jahr: 1981

01 Svaveldioxid
02 Heroindöd
03 Drömmusik
04 Anti Cimex


From Ashes Rise - From Ashes Rise

Modern Crust/D-Beat

Genre: Crust/D-Beat
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 74,7 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2000

01 Concrete and steel
02 Dotted lines
03 All eyes on the tease
04 Rung by rung
05 Eden
06 No shadows of grey
07 The last word
08 All in due time
09 And we're still waiting
10 Help wanted
11 What the good book says
12 Stained glass
13 Divine reich
14 Life and death
15 At peace
16 Seeping
17 Flags
18 Walking Dead
19 Bastard
20 Ambitions
21 Hell on earth
22 Silence
23 Accomplishment
24 Lineage
25 High on the media fix
26 Center of the world
27 Beware the golden tide
28 Public service
29 Trading children for corpses
30 Blood on the screen
31 The face of poverty
32 The widow


Discharge - Why

Genre: D-Beat
Bitrate: 320 kBit/s
Größe: 46,45 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 1981

01 Visions of War
02 Does This System Work
03 A Look At Tommorow
04 Why
05 Maimed And Slaughtered
06 Mania For Conquest
07 Ain't No Feeble Bastard
08 Is This To Be
09 Massacre Of Innocents (Air Attack)
10 Why
11 State Violence/State Control
12 Doomsday


Discharge - The Clay Punk Singles Collection

Genre: D-Beat
Bitrate: 320 kBit/s
Größe: 131,79 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 2001

01 Realities of War
02 They Declare It
03 But After the Gig
04 Society's Victim
05 Fight Back
06 War's No Fairytale
07 Always Restrictions
08 You Take Part in Creating This System
09 Religion Instigates
10 Decontrol
11 It's no T.V. Scetch
12 Tomorrow Belongs to Us
13 Never Again
14 Death Dealers
15 Two Monsterous Nuclear Stockpiles
16 State Violence State Control
17 Dooms' Day
18 Warning
19 Where this is a Will
20 In Defence of Our Future
21 Anger Burning
22 The Price of Silence
23 Born to Die in the Gutter
24 The More I See You
25 Protest and Survive
26 Ignorance
27 No Compromise


Discharge - Shootin Up The World

Genre: D-Beat
Bitrate: 192 kBit/s
Größe: 41,65 MB
Passwort: nix-pop.dl.am
Jahr: 1995

01 Down And Dirty
02 Exiled In Hell
03 Fantasy Overload
04 Leaders/Deceivers
05 Lost In You
06 Manson Child
07 Never Come To Care
08 Psycho Active
09 Real Life Snuff
10 Shootin' Up The World


Afgrund - Hjärtslag Och Djupa Andetag


Disfear - Misanthropic Generation


1. Powerload
2. Arrogant Breed, An
3. Misanthropic Generation
4. Rat Race
5. Final Of Chapters, The
6. Never Gonna Last
7. Demons, Demons, Demons
8. 26 Years Of Nothing
9. Thousand Reasons, A
10. Horns, The
11. Dead End Lives
12. Desperation


What's the Tomas Lindberg count up to now? 1,000,005 bands or something? Not unlike Skitsystem, Disfear plays ripping hardcore/punk with a metallic edge, though honestly this isn't as metallic as I expected it to be. Some of Skitsystem's work is heavier and more metal tinged than this material, which is heavy as fuck, but definitely rooted in hardcore, with a Discharge meets Motörhead sort of flare to the leads and some of the more rocked out rhythms. Lindberg's vocals are those same unmistakable screams as always, of course. From a writing standpoint I like this stuff a lot, especially songs that mix up the tempos and get a little faster (such as the title track). Admittedly there's not quite enough variety here to keep the entire 38 minutes exciting, and I don't particularly think that some of these songs warrant running times of three-and-a-half to four minutes since the structures are simple and repetitive, but such issues are very minor. The recording is awesome. Definitely one the better records that Nasum's Mieszko Talarczyk has had a hand in. The drums are nice and natural, the bass is there, the distortion tones on both the guitars and bass are heavy but very textured, the mix is clear, the vocals are abrasive but not at all over the top... very nice. Sometimes Mieszko's work is hit or miss, so I was a little worried that it wouldn't sound this strong, but thankfully nothing bothers me. The layout's not bad at all. The coloring is dark and consistent, there are messy textures all over the place, the photos are well handled, the imagery works, the typefaces match up with everything else, etc. And I actually really like the fucking bitterness of the lyrics a lot: "...it's a race to the end this vicious circle of lies no, never again the sun it will greet my eyes trapped in a circle of lies my life seems to be my crime but with 26 years filled with nothing I think that I've served my time." This is good stuff. A tad boring due to its redundancy, but good nonetheless. I'd love to hear them employ a bit more variety in the future, but I can definitely live with this. I bet a lot of people will be a little taken aback by this at first. The rock 'n' roll influences, while definitely upped in the aggression department, surely took me by surprise.