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Moderat Likvidation - KUKNACKE LP/CD (Distortion, 1994)

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Ok I guess EVERYONE already has this one but for those newcomers or suckers who lent it to friends who then never returned it, here's Sweden's Moderat Likvidation compilation CD from Distrotion Records. It features lots of stuff which i can't be arsed to elaborate on. I think the tracklisting is pretty fucked up on this one but frankly I think that it's cool. Its only punk so to say. I also added the 3 tracks of I Thrash... so beware that there may be some duplication or whatever.

Anyway, the radio interview is so stupid I am speechless. You know the whole "Punk is not anarchism" and "Punk is about being a arsehole and getting fucked up". It is so silly it is hard to believe. Anyone care to transcribe it and translate to English please do so in comments for those ignorant of Swedish.

Moderat Likvidation - KUKNACKE LP/CD (Distortion, 1994)

Tracklisting as guidance only, not exact listing in folder!

1. Nitad
2. White Rastas
3. Hiroshima
4. Marionett i kedjor
5. Proggrebell
6. Brända celler
7. Tio timmar
8. Enola Gay
9. Kötta huve
10. SPD
11. KKK
12. Sne '83
13. Våld
14. Anti Fag
15. Intervju
16. Nitad
17. Sprängd
18. Dödens barn
19. Tio timmar
20. Enola Gay
21. Atombomb
22. Nitad
23. White Rastas
24. Tio timmar
25. Marionett i kedjor
26. Kuknacke
27. Moderat likvidation
28. Nitad
29. Enola Gay

Plus the 3 tracks from V/A I THRASH THEREFORE I AM:

12. MODERAT LIKVIDATION (Sweden) "Tio Timmar"
13. MODERAT LIKVIDATION (Sweden) "Nitad"
14. MODERAT LIKVIDATION (Sweden) "Dodeus Barn"

Tory Liqvidation
A few more updates today then I am off to Brixton Academy for some Swedish dancemusic courteously The Haunted who I have never heard but assume will be "alright, no more no less".

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Nadilson dijo...

Links do not work anymore, man!!!

John dijo...

The translation follows:

Guy 1 - The punks wanted people to believe that you were a pig, that you were nasty, that you were a scum and thick headed and so one.
And that's what I stand for, that's what punk is. I don’t stand for anarchy I stand for punk. There are so many people that have associated anarchy with punk. I'm not an anarchist I'm a punk and I still stand for being the nastiest in other people’s eyes. I still stand for boozing, swearing, fighting and living hard, and getting busted all the time.
Guy 2 - Me too
Guy 3 - what’s wrong with the music and stuff..
Guy 1 - listen up I didn’t say it was anything wrong with it but it isn't punk. It might be anarchy but it isn’t punk
Guy 3 - Do you really think its punk to destroy..
Guy 1 - Yeah it is
Guy 3 – I don’t think so
Guy 1 - You don’t think so but that’s the way it is. It might be anarchy but it isn't punk.
Guy 3 -It's the fellowship that counts. It isn’t the meaning of life to drink, destroy and beat up old people.
-We don’t beat up old people.

Fucking morons.
You should also know that it isn’t a radio interview; it's from a TV-show from back in 1983 and can be watched at:
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Cheers from Sweden!