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Slave To Convention:
Get a job, buy a car, buy a house,
A slave 'till death.
Slave to convention

A Dream Come To True:
No chains, no ties and nothing to hold me down.
-Life in peace, governed by love-
No god, no master and no more man made rules.

After The Bomb:
Chidren blown into limbless joints of meat.
After the bomb
People dead and diseased, tossed away like shit.

Stop Gap System:
Freedom denied with capitalist power.
Stop gap-system
True life erased for wealth and greed.

Animals murdered in pointless tests.
Torturing nature's defenceless creatures.

Fear Of The Future:
I don't wanna die in a nuclear war!
Fear, fear, fear of the future
I don't wanna starve from corporate greed.
Fear, fear, fear of the future
I don't wanna live in a world of hate.
Fear, fear, fear of the future
I wanna live in peace 'till I'm old and grey.
Fear, fear, fear of the future

No Religion:
Religion is a brain-wash-con
Secularity must become
Dividing people and causing conflict
Total hypocracy, for money and power
Indoctrination in all our schools.

The multinational corporation steals
3rd World wealth for grain mountain ascention.
The multinational corporation steals
their health for control extension.

Lista de músicas:
01 Confusion
02 Life Lock
03 Slave To Convention
04 A Dream To Come True
05 Drowning In The Mainstream
06 Same Mind
07 Relief
08 After The Bomb
09 Stop Gap System
10 Scared
11 Sick Joke
12 Natural Abuse
13 Exploitation
14 Beat The Boss
15 Money Drug
16 Fear Of The Future
17 No Religion
18 Phobia For Change
19 Multinationals
20 Obscenity
21 War Crimes

Link da version original (aparece en el Total DooM):
Link da version regrabada de Fuck Peaceville:
WAR CRIMES (INHUMAN BEINGS)!!! (Fuck Peaceville)

DooM - Police Bastard





Lista das músicas:
01 Relief Part 2
02 Police Bastard
03 Diseased
04 Circles
05 Means To An End

Link da versão original (aparece no Total DooM):
Police Bastard (original)
Link da verão regravada do Fuck Peaceville:
Police Bastard (regrabado)

DooM/No Security Split - Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)

Lista de músicas:
01 DooM - No Thought
02 DooM - Black Monday
03 DooM- Nazi Die
04 DooM - Agree To Differ
05 DooM- War On Our Doorstep
06 DooM - Bury The Debt
07 DooM - Life In Freedom
08 DooM - Days Go By
09 DooM - Sold Out
10 DooM - Free Yourself
11 No Security - Markt For Livet
12 No Security - Masskontroll
13 No Security - Sydafrikafragan
14 No Security - Den Eller De
15 No Security - Stamplad
16 No Security - Trangsynt
17 No Security - Fegis

Link version regrabada (aparece no Fuck Peaceville):
DooM/No Security Split (Fuck Peaceville)
Link version original:
DooM/No Security Split (original)

DooM - Total DooM

Lista de músicas:
01 Relief Part 2
02 Police Bastard
03 Diseased
04 Circles
05 Means To An End
06 Sick Joke 89'
07 No Thought
08 Black Monday
09 Nazi Die
10 Agree To Differ
11 War On Our Doorstep
12 Bury The Debt
13 Life In Freedom
14 Days Go By
15 Sold Out
16 Free Yourself
17 Confusion
18 Life Lock
19 Slave To Convention
20 A Dream To Come True
21 Drowning In The Mainstream
22 Same Mind
23 Relief
24 After The Bomb
25 Stop Gap System
26 Scared
27 Sick Joke
28 Natural Abuse
29 Exploitation
30 Beat The Boss
31 Money Drug
32 Fear Of The Future
33 No Religion
34 Phobia For Change
35 Multinationals
36 Obscenity
37 War Crimes

Links (baixe as duas partes e junte-as depois):
Total DooM Parte 1
Total DooM Parte 2


DooM - Doomed From The Start

Lista de músicas:
01 Relief
02 Slave To Convention
03 Fear Of The Future
04 A Dream To Come True
05 Exploitation
06 Beat The Boss
07 Obscenity
08 After The Bomb
09 Terminal Filth Wimpcore Killer
10 No Thought
11 Life In Freedom...
12 Means To An End
13 Life Lock
14 A Dream To Come True
15 Circles
16 Black Monday
17 Sold Out Scene
18 Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)
19 Agree To Differ
20 Diseased
21 Nazi Die
22 Police Bastard

Links (baixe as duas partes e junte depois):
Doomed From The Start Parte 1
Doomed From The Start Parte 2

DooM - The Greatest Invention

Lista de músicas:
01 Dig Your Grave
02 Drop Out
03 Happy Pill
04 My Pornography
05 No Justice
06 Same Mind
07 Silent Scream
08 Trash Breeds Trash
09 Worthless Nothing

The Greatest Invention

DooM/Hiatus Split - Lost The Fight

Lista de músicas:
Doom - 01 - Choice
Doom - 02 - Believer Consciousness
Doom - 03 - Scandinavian Doorbreaker
Doom - 04 - Lost the Fight
Hiatus - 05 - Disarm the Bastards
Hiatus - 06 - Relief Pt. IV
Hiatus - 07 - Blood Shot

DooM/Hiatus Split

DooM/Extinction Of Mankind Split - Doomed To Extinction

Lista de músicas:
01 Extinction Of Mankind - Intolerance
02 Extinction Of Mankind - Man Is Blind
03 DooM - Open Mind Surgery
04 DooM - Give Up All Hope (Crow)
05 DooM - Carnivore Christian
06 DooM - Eh

Doomed To Extinction

DooM - Hail To Sweden

Lista de músicas:
01 A Look At Tomorrow (Discard)
02 Stop The Slaughter (Mob_47)
03 Fucking System(Crudity)
04 En Rost For Fred (Agoni)
05 Law Of Evil (Rojers)
06 War Machine (Anti_Cimex)

Hail To Sweden

DooM - Fuck Peaceville

Lista de músicas:
01 Confusion
02 Lifelock
03 Slave To Convention
04 After The Bomb
05 Multinationals
06 Circles
07 War Crimes
08 Relief
09 Sold Out
10 No Thought
11 Free Yourself
12 Police Bastard
13 War On Our Doorstep
14 Obscenity
15 Sick Joke
16 Exploitation
17 Phobia For Change
18 A Dream To Come True
19 Relief (Part 2)
20 Beat The Boss
21 Agree To Differ
22 Life In Freedom, Governed By Love
23 No Religion
24 Same Mind
25 Drowning In The Mainstream
26 Natural Abuse
27 Scared
28 Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)
29 Money Drug
30 Fear Of The Future
31 Nazi Die
32 Diseased
33 Days Go By
34 Stop-Gap-System
35 Black Monday
36 Means To An End
37 Bastard File In The Uretha Of Paul Halmshaw
Fuck Peaceville

DooM - Pissed, Robbed, & Twatted EP (live in Slovênia)

Lista de músicas:
01 Free world
02 Claustrophobia
03 Worthles nothing
04 Dig your grave
05 Jokes on you
06 Keep it ungry

Pissed, Robbed, & Twatted EP

DooM - Peel Sessions

Lista de músicas:
01 Symptom Of The Universe/Multinationals
02 Exploitation
03 Circles
04 No Religion
05 Relief
06 Sold Out/War Crimes
07 Means To An End/A Dream To Come True
08 Natural Abuse/Days Go By
09 Life Lock/Bury The Debt
10 Life In Freedom/Money Drug/Fear Of The Future

Peel Sessions

DooM - Monarchy Zoo EP e Live in Lahti, Finland ‘94

Muito foda este álbum, principalmente a música Raining Napalm e Want Not Need na minha opinião, mas com certeza a música mais conhecida é Dig Your Grave. São 5 músicas muito boas, baixem sem medo!

Lista de músicas:
01 Monarchy Zoo
02 Raining Napalm
03 Want Not Need
04 Dig Your Grave
05 Doomed

Monarchy Zoo EP

Lista de músicas:
1 Open Mind Surgery
2 Life Lock
3 Nature Abuse
4 Worthless Nothing
5 Same Mind
6 Raining Napalm
7 Claustrophobia
8 Dig Your Grave
9 Bury the Debt (Not the Dead)
10 A Dream to Come True
11 Lost the Fight
12 War System (SHITILICKERS Cover)
13 Free Yourself
14 Fear of Future
15 Exploitation
16 War Crimes
17 War Machine (ANTI-CIMEX Cover)
18 The “Free” World
19 Trash Breeds Trash
20 Relief
21 Police Bastard
22 Possibility of Life’s Destruction (DISCHARGE COVER)
23 Means to an End

Live in Lahti, Finland ‘94

DooM - Rush Hour Of The Gods

Lista de músicas:
01 Feel Good Factor
02 Death Lock
03 Love Song
04 Subvertise
05 Keep It Angry
06 National Lobotomy
07 Thanatophobia
08 Untitled
09 Amphetamine Tortoise
10 Joke's On You
11 P.V.S.
12 Untitled Noise

Rush Hour Of The Gods

DooM/Cress Split

Lista de músicas:
01 Cress - Two Veg
02 Cress - Own Eyes
03 Cress - Manslaughter
04 Cress - Christs
05 DooM - Culture Chameleon
06 DooM - Anti Social
07 DooM - Charity Case
08 DooM - Death Trap

DooM/Cress Split

DooM - World Of Shit

Lista de músicas:
01 Religious Disease
02 Immobile Phoney
03 6 Billion People, 1 Planet
04 In It For Cash
05 Can't Smell The Coffee
06 Piece 'O' White Trash
07 World Of Shit
08 Just Another Day
09 Fascist Institution
10 Post Death Regression
11 Home In A Box

World Of Shit

DooM - Back And Gone CD/DVD Doble

Lista de músicas do CD 1:
01 Obscenity
02 Life Lock
03 Thanatophonia
04 Nazi Die
05 Untitled
06 War Crimes
07 Anti Social
08 Tags The Riches
09 A Dream To Come True
10 No ID
11 Exploitation
12 Relief
13 Police Bastard

Line Up
Wayne - Vocals
Bri - Guitar
Andy - Bass
Stick - Drums

Lista de músicas do CD 2:
01 Fear Of The future
02 Life Lock
03 Claustrophobia
04 Thanataphobia
05 Nazi Die
06 Obscenity
07 Anti Social
08 Diseased
09 Trash Breeds Trash
10 Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)
11 Lost The fight
12 War Crimes
13 A Dream To Come True
14 Exploitation
15 Relief
16 Natural Abuse
17 Police Bastard
18 Means To And End
19 Exploitation

Line Up
Denis - Vocals
John - Vocals
Steve - Vocals
Bri - Guitar
Andy - Bass
Scoot - Bass on Police Bastard
Stick - Drums

Link do CD 1:
Back And Gone CD 1

Link do CD 2:
Back And Gone CD 2

Discharge - Demo 1977

Lista de músicas:
01 I Don't Cre
02 Sweet Suburban Dreams
03 Living In The City
04 Acne
05 Dead Babies
06 Pigs
07 Under My Feet
08 No Time For Romance
09 No Future

Demo 1977

Discharge - Realities Of War single

Lista de músicas:
01 Realities Of War
02 They Declare It
03 But After The Gig
04 Society's Victim

Realities Of War single

Discharge - Fight Back single


01 Fight Back
02 War's No Fairytale
03 Always Restrictions
04 You Take Part in Creating the System
05 Religion Instigates

Fight Back single

Discharge - Decontrol single

The limbs of a child stick out of debris
It is no T.V. sketch

No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch

It ain't the work of make up artists
This wounded flesh and blood

No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch

A child lies dead in a pool of blood
It is no T.V. sketch

No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch

It ain't the work of make up artists
This wounded flesh and blood

No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch
No no T.V. sketch

Lista de músicas:
01 Decontrol
02 It's No TV Sketch
03 Tomorrow Belongs To Us

Decontrol single

Discharge - Why? EP

Besides her man she kneels
Holds him tight and begins to cry

Why why why but why

Her loved one's just another piece of
Meat on the battlefields

Her cries break out into screams
As she now becomes hysterical with grief

Her loved one's just another piece of
Meat on the battlefields

Lista de músicas
01 Visions Of War
02 Does This System Work?
03 A Look at Tomorrow
04 Why?
05 Maimed and Slaughtered
06 Mania For Conquest
07 Ain't No Feeble Bastards
08 Is This to Be?
09 Massacre of Innocents (Air Attack)
10 Why? (Reprise)

Why? EP

Discharge - Never Again single

A blinding light and firestorms agonised crying
Never never never again
Never never never again
Unanswered cries of help panic and desperation
Dazed and stricken survivors
Search for lost families
Choking dust crazy with thirst
Drinking from poisoned pools and streams

Never Again single


Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing:
Lied to threatened cheated and decieved
Hear nothing see nothing say nothing
Led up garden paths and into blind alleys

The Nightmare Continues:
And still men and women drag out their lives in misery
The nightmare continues
Blinded disfigured and mentally scared

I Wo'nt Subscribe:
Kept in line with rifle butts and truncheons
And beaten up behind closed doors
I won't subscribe to the system
The hands tighten round my throat

Cries Of Help:
Napalm tumbles from the sky
Cries of help cries of pain
Skin looking like bloody hardened meat

Lista de músicas:
01 Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
02 The Nightmare Continues
03 The Final Blood Bath
04 Protest And Survive
05 I Won't Subscribe
06 Drunk With Power
07 Meanwhile
08 A Hell On Earth
09 Cries Of Help
10 The Possibility Of Life's Destruction
11 Q: And Children? A: And Children
12 The Blood Runs Red
13 Free Speech For The Dumb
14 The End


Discharge - State Violence State Control single

Kept in line with truncheons
Rifle butts and truncheons
This is state control this is state control

State control state control!
This is state control!

Beaten up behind closed doors
Cracked and bruised ribs bloody mouth
Cracked and bruised skull bloody mouth

State control state control!
This is state control!

Lista de músicas:
01 State Violence State Control
02 Doom's Day

State Violence State Control single

Discharge - Warning - Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health EP

They stand on the outside looking in
They stand on the outside looking in
They stand on the outside and feed you shit
They stand on the outside and feed you shit
They keep you in the dark
Poison poison poison your mind
There is no truth in what they say
There is no truth in what they say
Propaganga and lies
Propaganga and lies

Lista de músicas:
01 Warning
02 Where There Is A Will There Is A Way
03 In Defence Of Our Future
04 Anger Burning

Warning - Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health EP

Discharge - The Price Of Silence - Born To Die In The Gutter single

Glam Punk diria!

Lista de músicas:
01 The Price Of Silence
02 Born To Die In The Gutter

The Price Of Silence - Born To Die In The Gutter single

Discharge - Never Again

Coleccion de Discharge de 1984 !

Lista de músicas:
01 Warning
02 Never Again
03 Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
04 The Nightmare Continues
05 Where There's A Will There's a Way
06 Drunk With Power
07 The Final Blood Bath
08 Anger Burning
09 Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles
10 The Price Of Silence
11 Protest And Survive
12 Born To Die In The Gutter
13 Doom's Day
14 The More I See
15 State Violence State Control
16 In Defence of Our Future
17 Decontrol

Links (baixem as duas partes e juntem-nas depois):
Never Again coletânea Parte 1
Never Again coletânea Parte 2

Discharge - The More I See single

otro single mas.

Lista de músicas:
01 The More I See
02 Protest And Survive

The More I See single

Discharge - Ignorance single

lindo ep..

Lista de músicas:
01 Ignorance
02 No Compromise

Ignorance single

Discharge - Grave New World (ECA!!!!!!)

Eca mesmo, porque essa merda me dá nojo, me dá ânsia de vômito só em pensar que um dia uma das minhas bandas preferidas já passou por essa fase, mas ainda bem que foi só uma fase, acho que o Discharge já aprendeu com seus erros anteriores! Essa merda desse Grave New World é uma merda de um Heavy Metal misturado com Hard Rock e peso nenhum, com um vocal agudo muito feio do Cal, um cú mesmo!!! A banda até deixou aquele clássico logo D-beat com a fonte que tanto influenciou outras bandas em seus logos! Baixe essa merda só pra ver o que eu to falando e realmente conhecer todas as fases da banda! Pra se ter uma idéia eu não consegui escutar essa merda até o final porque fiquei com ódio demais pra terminar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tenho até vergonha de postar esse cú, mas achei que deveria só pra a discografia não ficar incompleta...

Lista da merda das músicas:
01 Grave New World
02 In Love Believe
03 D.Y.T./A.Y.F.
04 Time Is Kind
05 We Dare Speak (A Moment Only)
06 Sleep in Hope
07 The Downward Spiral
08 Contact with the Real
09 It Will Always Stay

Grave New World (ECA!!!!!!)

Discharge - Massacre Divine

Não gostei muito desse Massacre Divine... Mas pelo o menos é melhor que o outro... Nem fede nem cheira... Também só pra não deixar a discografia incompleta...

Lista de músicas:
01 City Of Fear
02 F.E.D
03 Lost Tribe Rising
04 Challenge Terror
05 White Knuckle Ride
06 New Age
07 Terror Police
08 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
09 Sexplosion
10 Dying Time
11 E# 2.30
12 F.E.D (F2 Mix)

Massacre Divine

Discharge - Shootin' Up The World


Lista de músicas:
01 Manson Child
02 Lost In You
03 Shootin Up The World
04 Psycho Active
05 Leaders Deceivers
06 Fantasy Overload
07 Down And Dirty
08 Never Come To Care
09 Real Live Snuff
10 Exiled In Hell
11 Reprised

Shootin' Up The World

Discharge - Discharge

Sin comentario!

Lista de músicas:
01 You Deserve Me
02 Almost Alive
03 Corpse Of Decadence
04 Trust 'Em
05 M.A.D.
06 Accessories By Molotov
07 Into Darkness
08 Hype Overload
09 You
10 What Do I Get?
11 Hell Is War

Discharge CD

Discharge/MG-15 Split

Reino Unido y España fabuloso ep del recuerdo!

Lista de músicas:
01 MG-15 - Ángeles Y Alimañas
02 MG-15 - Ciegos Por La Luz
03 MG-15 - Rex Mundi
04 Discharge - War Is Hell
05 Discharge - You Take Part In Creating The System
06 Discharge - The Nightmare Continues (live)

Discharge/MG-15 Split

Discharge - Beggining Of The End

Master Crust en un Disco...

Lista de músicas:
01 Beginning of the End
02 The Blood of the Innocent
03 They Lie, You Die

Beggining Of The End

Disfear - A Brutal Sight Of War

Una de las mejores bandas de Suecia!

Lista de músicas:
01 A Brutal Sight of War
02 Judgement Day
03 Forced to Conform
04 No Hope of Survival
05 Religion
06 Min Elegi
07 Undergång
08 Vietnam i dag
09 Det sista kriget

A Brutal Sight Of War

Disfear - Everyday Slaughter

Esta legendaria banda de Crust! hace un exelente trabajo en este disco.

Lista de músicas:
01 With Each Dawn I Die
02 Anthem of Agony
03 Crimscene: Worldwide
04 A Race for Power
05 Spectre of Genocide
06 Everyday Slaughter
07 Subsistance
08 Totalitarian Control
09 Frustration
10 Aftermath
11 101 Overkill
12 Captured By Life
13 ...In Fear

Everyday Slaughter

Disrupt - Unrest

Este CD es uno de los mejores, tambien incluyeron a una chica para la voz, excelente material!

Lista de músicas:
01 Domestic Prison
02 Mass Graves
03 Complaint
04 A Life's A Life
05 Pay For...
06 Unrest
07 Reality Distortion
08 Down My Throat
09 Tortured In Entirety
10 Religion Is A Fraud
11 We Stand Corrected
12 Faction Disaster
13 Human Garbage
14 Without Sincerity
15 Neglected
16 Same Old Shit
17 For What
18 Squandered
19 Mindlock
20 Green To Grey
21 Critics
22 Dog Eat Dog
23 Deprived
24 Give It Back
25 Victims Of Tradition
26 Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
27 Smash Divisions
28 Lack Of Inteligence
29 No Values
30 Solidarity


Disrupt - Refuse Planet EP

Este EP fue sacado en CD Split, pero este es solo el lado de Disrupt.

Lista de músicas:
01 Subject To Suffering
02 No Values
03 Inebriated
04 Refuse Planet
05 Game
06 Consumed By The System
07 Dog Eat Dog
08 Suffocation

Refuse Planet

Disrupt - Smash Divisions

EP muy conocido por este tema, que muchas bandas hicieron covers.!

Lista de músicas:
01 Smash Divisions
02 Refuse Planet
03 Eat Shit
04 No Values
05 Game
06 Rid The Cancer
07 Inebriated
08 God Fearing Citizen
09 Cold War (Siege)
10 Squandered

Smash Divisions

Disrupt/Resist Split

Un clasico split ep!

Lista de músicas:
01 Disrupt - Critics
02 Disrupt - Deprived
03 Disrupt - Rid The Cancer
04 Disrupt - Lack Of Intelligence
05 Resist - Free
06 Resist - Myth (In The Sky)

Disrupt/Resist Split

Disrupt - Discography

Unas de las mejores ediciones de Disrupt al alcance de tus manos:

Lista de músicas:
01 Trapped
02 Leave Me Be
03 Succumb To The Pressure
04 You've No One To Blame - Xenophobia
05 From Protest To Resistance (Conflict)
06 Crusade Of Fanaticism
07 An End To White Rule
08 Body Count
09 Coexistance
10 Slave To Stupidity
11 Another Angle On Angling
12 No One Seems to Give A Fuck
13 Equalize
14 Crock O Christians
15 Try My Trust
16 Critics
17 Deprived
18 Rid The Cancer
19 Lack Of Intelligence
20 Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
21 God Fearing Citizen
22 Victims Of Tradition
23 Solidarity
24 Pigs Suck
25 Smash Divisions
26 Eat Shit
27 Dog Eat Dog
28 Deprived
29 Give It Back
30 Victims Of Tradition
31 Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
32 Lack of Intelligence
33 No Values-Solidarity
34 Dog Eat Dog
35 Suffocation
36 Subject To Suffering
37 No Values
38 No Values
39 Refuse Planet
40 G.A.M.E.
41 Consumed By The System
42 Doomed To Extinction
43 Be Your Own Boss
44 Rid the Cancer
45 Crock O Christian
46 Millions Die For Moneymaking
47 Anti Sobriety Song


DooM/Selfish Split - Pro-Life Control/Tear Silence Into Pieces

Fabuloso Split la mejo epoca de selfish diria.


Lista de músicas:
01 DooM - Soundtrack To A Brawl
02 DooM - Lust For Power
03 DooM - Faith
04 DooM - Rags To Riches
05 DooM - Super-Gun
06 DooM - This Thing Called Progress
07 DooM - Sick With Society
08 DooM - Carcinogen
09 DooM - Impudence
10 DooM - Claustrophobia
11 DooM - Pro-Life Control
12 DooM - The "Free" World
13 Selfish - Deathly Crime
14 Selfish - Anthem
15 Selfish - Pain Driver
16 Selfish - System Kills
17 Selfish - With Yourself
18 Selfish - Condemned
19 Selfish - Criminal Trap (Anti Cimex)

DooM/Selfish Split - Pro-Life Control/Tear Silence Into Pieces

lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2007

Black Uniforms "Back from the grave" & Greenscab "Left the end behind"

Malmöpunk X 2

Lo mejor que podrias escuchar.

Black Uniforms "Back from the grave"
1, Vi fulla vill knulla 2, Do u conform? 3, F.O.A.D. 4, Never Surrender 5, Freddy

Greenscab "Left the end behind"
1, No tomorrow 2, Never born, forever dead 3, Fångad 4, Fifty pieces, fifty lakes 5, Dödens kroppar 6, Into my eyes 7, Angrexi'a nervo'sa 8, The blessing release 9, Endless war 10, Vilken helig stjärna

RIISTETYT - Laki Ja Jarjestys 1st 7'' EP '82

Riistetyt is a classic Finnish Punk band that was previous called Cadgers. This was their first release, Cadgers had a split 7" EP shared with Kaaos, both were released by P-Tuotanto ( Above you see the front and back cover of the first press, the second one has a different cover, as you can see below.
Riistetyt was born in 1981 and broke up in 1985, then got back together in 1999 and still going on till now releasing new records and touring around the world.

Check them out at: (

01-Toimiiko tää systeemi
02-Isänmaan puolesta
04-Sä maksa
05-Vittuun Velvollisuudet

DEATH SIDE / CHAOS U.K. - Split CD '93

These are two of my favorities bands (you will probaly hear me saying it all the time).
Chaos U.K. still going since 1979 and never retired, just keep change members, Chaos, the only original member had quite sometime ago and Mower got back on vocals, you can check it on the new split with Fuk (another Chaos U.K. based band including Gabba).
Death Side, one of the greatest Japanese "Burning Spirits" bands, released 2 wonderful LPs also on Selfish records + 3 singles and have tracks in many compilations. Few yers ago all their stuff were re-released in CDs, I am not sure if you still can find it.
On "The Will Never Die" 2xCD, which includes all singles and compilation tracks also includes "Where Are your Eyes" that was supposed to be on this album but wasn't.
I also had to split the tracks one by one, as on the CD is devided as 2 tracks (Death Side / Chaos U.K.).
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell that this album was bootleged in 1998, the only vynil version of it. 500 copies were made and today is rare and expensive as any other original Death Side records.
This post goes to the memory of Chelsea, the great Death Side's guitarist that died on 17th of august 2007.
DEATH SIDE + CHAOS U.K. - Split CD '93 (Selfish Records)