lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2007

PATARENI + ATTA - "Deadland Massacre" Split 7" EP

This single reminds me alot of the early 90's when I was loving to listen all those brutalities! I'm still listen to, but more selective now and classics like this one can't be unaware. Early PATARENI in the middle 80's used to be a typical Yugoslavian dirt HC/Punk. But they went more brooootal and start to going to a more grind direction. What I like most is that they still have a catch melody. On this split EP they play more than 15 tacks in about 6 minutes with no stop. This set was once re-recorded and released on the Patareni's Back to the Root LP and on a split CD/LP with BUKA, a truly powerful production.
ATTA is an industrial project from Erich (FEAR OF GOD singer and the man behind the mandatory blog Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!). Listen to these noises, I always wondered what he used to make them. That even inspired me to make my own industrial noise project back in 1993. But that is another story.
I am including a interview with both bands that came along in the insert. Click on the picture below.
PATARENI + ATTA - "Deadland Massacre" Split 7" EP '89 (TNT & Records)

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