lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2007

集団自殺 - Demon Priest 7" EP '91

According to a Japanese friend of mine you should pronounce it as "Syuudan Jisatsu" which means "A Mass Suicide", but also doing a search over the net, I've found people saying "Shuudan Jisatsu" translate to "Group Suicide". More search done and I found a thread over forum where people are trying to solve the mystery of "Syudan Jisatsu". Some people says this is a Finnish band, others say it has Sakevy from GISM on vocal. I don't know, but it sounds alot like GISM, specially the vocals.
I also found a review on the great site saying:
"Frankly: I know next to nothing about this band since more than a decade ago, SYUDAN JISATSU totally drowned within the sea of anonymity. In addition to this, I always thought that this troop is called SHUDAN JISATSU, but a trustworthy friend told me that their moniker is SYUDAN JISATSU. I’m not sure what’s accurate – my Japanese got a little bit rusty recently… Anyway, despite the completely metal looking cover as well as the "names" of the members ("Fist Fight", "Human of the Ghoul", "Erotic Guy Machine" – Jeeeeeezzuuuus!), this platter entirely rules. SYUDAN JISATSU are playing not too swift, but outright driving, slightly metal influenced hardcore with a deep shouting vocalist. Not only because of the singer, who barks in the notorious Sakevi fashion, this EP, that doesn’t have a lyric sheet and/or any inserts, reminds me of GISM ("Detestation" era) and that’s a damn good sign in my book. If you’ll see this murderous single, do yourself a favor and purchase it!! By the way, is anyone familiar with more items of this overwhelming horde?"
On the Japanese site More Noise there is a review but is in Japanese.
For the Finnish part, well, I got the feeling that my friend Otto (Força Macabra, Selfish) has something to do releasing that. I have to ask him about it. And it was released around 1997, I guess. Maybe no one will tell us the truth about this band (or project).
集団自殺 - Demon Priest 7" EP '91 (Helalter Skelter Records - 002)

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