lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2007

INOCENTES - Miséria e Fome EP

This record was supposed to be a LP but due to the censorship during the Brazilian military dictatorship, it was reduced to a 7'' EP. But the lyrics here included still strong as the others that were banned. And the sound is harsh as you never heard none doing before.
In 1988 "Miseria e Fome" was re-released by "Devil Discos" as a full LP including all 11 tracks. The first track on the single is called "Apenas Conto o Que Eu Vi (O que Senti)", but on the LP the same track is called "Miséria e Fome".
You can find the CD version available to order on:
Inocentes was formed in 1981, they 1st appearence on vynil was on V.A. "Grito Suburbano" LP along with Cólera and Olho Seco in 1982.
Well, will be easier if you go to the great Kill From The Heart site and check the complete history and discography there:

INOCENTES - Miséria e Fome 7" EP '83 (Self Release, ISD-001)

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