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Hannover/Alemania CRUST METAL GRIND PUNK!, AUDIO KOLLAPS fue formados por algunos miembros de RECHARGE la tendencia musical por decirlo suena entre DISCHARGE, ENTOMBED y NAPALM DEATH,Grabado en el 2001 en SOUNDLAB STUDIOS/SWEDEN BY MIESZCO TALARCZYK/NASUM(R.I.P) y reeditado por EPISTROPHY RECORDS en el 2002 Descarga: AUDIO KOLLAPS-ULTIMA RATIO



CRUST PUNK ATTACK, desde los britanicos VARUKERS editados a mediados de los 90'S ,incluye 2 temas en estudio y 2 en vivo, esta banda es unas de las mejores en su tiempo.


Hay 3 TRIBUTO a DISCHARGE, proviene de varios discos como el "FROM HOME FRONT TO WAR FRONT EP","DISCHARGED LP" y "IN DEFENSE OF OUR FUTURE" CD, esta edicion es hecha por CRUSTCRACKED TRIBUTE TO DISCHARGE, son temas no incluidos en esas 3 ediciones, esto es subido por crustcraker.

Descarga subida por : crustcracker


3.extinction of mankind-ain't no feeble bastard
4.asocial-and children
5.tragedy-possiility of life's destruction
6.napalm death-war's no fairy tale
7.death breath-maimed and slaughtered
8.the perukers-protest and survive
9.mobcharge-and children
10.war collapse-the blood runs red
11.accion mutante-possibility of life's destruction
12.resistant culture-hear nothing,see nothing,say nothing
13.boxed in-the blood runs red
14.mob 47-the nightmare continues


Bombers es una grandiosa banda de TRIBUTO a MOTORHEAD, desde Noruega, esta banda esta formada por miembros: Pez, Abbath y Tore, edicion sacada por Hearse Records, hecho en el 2005.

Descargalo: BOMBERS - BERGEN 7"EP


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Una mierda Pirata, que cree tener la idea de estar en lo legal..

hace poco he tenido problemas, por que sencillamente, pase algunas descargas de un blogspot, el tipo me escribio diciendo, que soy una completa mierda, saben Uds. esto que hacemos y los otros blogs al poner grabaciones? Somos piratas de grabaciones, aun tu lo subas o no lo subas, o digas que compren los discos, esto es y sera siempre ilegal. este Blog que hice, lo hice con una intencion, fue de poner todas las descargas disponibles para que cualquiera lo descargue, me llega al total carajo quien pirateo esto o aquello, yo he visto muchas cosas que subi ,puesto en otros blogs y no me molesto por tal cosa, ya que lo hice con la intencion de difundir el disco. hay tipos tan hipocritas diciendo que se molesta por hacen rip a CD's nuevos, y he visto en ese blog discos de hace no mucho tiempo, que no tienen nada de viejo, asi con hipocresia dice "odio los que piratean discos nuevos".

asi que Daniel :
"Distort Truth Distort Minds" VETE A LA COMPLETA MIERDA!! FUCK OFF!

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SIEG HEIL - "First Demo Tracks 1984" 12" EP (NO NAZI BAND!!)


STATE CHILDREN - "Bomb Shelter For Money Making!"


SHOCK TROOP - "Your Worst Nightmare" EP

1. Chain Reaction
2. Dark Age
3. 1999 - Your Worst Nightmare
4. Black Sun

WOLFPACK - "Lycanthro Punk"

SHADOW OF FEAR - "Painful Cry EP"

FINAL BLOODBATH - "Dead or Alive" EP

Cover of Demo Tape (#?)

FINAL BLOODBATH - "Dead or Alive" EP

PAINTBOX - "炎 : 砂漠" EP

PAINTBOX - "炎 : 砂漠" EP in English translation is "Flame : Desert". This was released on HG Fact Records as HG-101 in '98. This band plays similar to the traditional Japanese HC but with more energy and it also features the Guitarist from the classic Japanese band DEATH SIDE in which he plays the same position. This was recorded at the known OUR HOUSE studio. This EP only contains 2 songs, track 1 being "Flame" and track 2 being "Desert". The last I heard of them is that they are still together but their original singer is in jail, but they have been working on a new release which has been in the works for years now. PAINTBOX also have a number of releases in which many are still in print so be sure to look for those. You can get them from Prank Records and Hardcore Holocaust in the USA and Nat Records and Record Shop Base in Japan.

PAINTBOX - "炎 : 砂漠" EP

V/A Game of Death LP

This is a 80's Japanese comp that I picked up months back for a great price. V/A Game of Death LP which features POISON ARTS, DEATH SIDE, FINAL BOMBS, and GHOUL. I wasn't sure if this was a bootleg or an official release and I'm still not 100% on it. This was released on Slice Records in '89 which I'm told POISON ARTS had something to do with the label. It's a fold-out sleeve with blank insides but it does come with a large lyric sheet which doesn't say when the tracks were recorded so it can be early material or later material. I've read that this was early GHOUL but it comes nowhere near the intensity of the "Carry Out Fucking EP" so who knows. NONE of these bands need a history lesson as they are mandatory bands to know about. It has the look of a boot but with possibilities of being official. Any known information or corrections are welcomed

V/A Game of Death LP

V/A "Triple Cross Counter Tour" 7" EP

V/A "Triple Cross Counter Tour" 7" EP I just snagged a copy of this which I've heard of but never actually listened to, and I am not disappointed! This Comp has 1 track each by the following bands; BASTARD, MAD CONFLUX, BAD SMELLS, PILE DRIVER, and CRÜCK. This was released around '89-'90 on the Kagai Mousou Label as it's final release, which also contained releases by bands such as GUDON and CHICKEN BOWELS. Again for this update, no history is needed, the bands shouldn't be new to you but the material may be unheard of to a few. And it leaves me asking why hasn't this been re-issued???

V/A "Triple Cross Counter Tour" 7" EP

LIFE - "The World Lies Across Them" LP

LIFE - "The World Lies Across Them" is the 1st LP by this Tokyo act. It was released on Punk Bastard Records (The band's label) as PB-002 in '00. LIFE were going for a different approach on this recording rather than the "Scandi-Crust" sound. A brief history; the band formed in '91 and released a demo tape titled "When The Peace Collapses" in '94 followed by an EP titled "Freedom And Liberation" Then on a few Comps. In which another EP is recorded titled "The Master of Darkness" which was released in '02 then they were included on a few more Comps the recent one being the "V/A A Japanese Tribute To AMEBIX". They've been on more Comps then their own releases but as I know the band is still together but I have no idea if new material is in the works or not. Be sure to check out their sets on the "All Crusties Spending Loud Night 2002/ and '97" DVD

Band site; To pick up some merch/read lyrics/discography/etc.

LIFE - "The World Lies Across Them" LP


This is the ATROCIOUS MADNESS / WHY? Split EP which was released on the (now defunct?) F.F.T. Label as F.F.T.-018. ATROCIOUS MADNESS dish out 3 tracks on here which I believe was recorded during the same session as "The Uses of HAARP EP" The 2nd track "Inquisition" has a good message to it that stands out; which I'll go ahead and type up the portion of the band's writing behind the song.

"Dr. Wilhelm Reich was killed by the Federal Drug Administration, The U.S. Government, and the Atomic Energy Commission, For practicing homeopathic medicine and holding theories that differed from those of the mainstream scientific community. He was also the first person, outside of the builders of the atomic bomb to discover the deadly effects of nuclear radiation. The tactics of terror and destruction used on him in the 1940's and 50's are the same tactics being used today to intimidate people who refuse to take part in the pharmaceutical industry that puts money ahead of health."

WHY? was one of the bands that Takashi(CFDL, BACTERIA, RESULT,etc.)was involved in and he explains why he wrote the two songs on this split well and he even thanks the person who bootlegged the live CFDL LP. Here's a not-so-great picture of his writings;



ROCKY & THE SWEDEN "844" is the 3rd EP by this amazing band who loves to smoke and it shows in their music! This was released on Bloodsucker Records and Rebelabel Planning as BSR 046 / REB 014. This has to be my favorite of their EP's only 3 tracks on it but it shreds from start to finish. The last track "Bellend Bop" is a GBH cover. Be sure to pick up their THC LP that was re-issued by Partners in Crime Records, that album in my opinion is probably their best also.


Be sure to check out my auctions I have going on if you haven't and check out this Wednesday's State Control Podcast (The links are on this site) I put it together with mainly rips from this site and a few others. I also included 1 track from the new LEBENDEN TOTEN 8" - BUY IT NOW IF YOU CAN TRACK IT DOWN.

FEROCIOUS X - "Befria Från Vånda EP"

FEROCIOUS X - "Befria Från Vånda EP" This 7" was released in Jan. '06 and sold-out FAST, now reaching $45+. This is the 2nd EP by the band that was released on Overthrow Records as Overthrow - 040. This band is this 'era's' FRIGORA minus the drumming. But Shin of FRAMTID plays drums on this recording so it's all good, Heard he took time off the band after this EP. The Equalizer is used well for this band as the shearing noise just rises as the Vocals are shouted in Svensk, As for the lyrics it's better hearing them in Svensk than in English. FEROCIOUS X also have a demo titled "5-Låtars Kassett" that was released in '02 and last time I checked Jun Kato at Overhead Distro had dubbings of it for sale. Their 1st EP was a 1-sided titled "Vaga Tänka Själv" that was released on Distort Records in Sep. '03 and they also have 2 tracks on the "V/A Konton Damaging Ear Massacre Comp LP/CD". They still play shows so they're still together though I haven't heard of anything new coming out in the future.

FEROCIOUS X - "Befria Från Vånda EP"

And check the previous post!


BLACKGOAT / GOATWORSHIPPER was the final project by Kawakami/DISCLOSE it was a project of a mixture of ambient dark noise, full blown noise. 4 CD's were pressed and an appearance on a Comp. The 1st CD was a demo titled "Blackgoat Harshnoise Demo" this was a Self-Released CD-R limited to 666 copies it came in a plain CD-R with Front and Back covers, I've already seen a bootleg copy of it, funny huh? The 2nd CD is the one I'm putting up today titled as BLACKGOAT - "Sabbatic 5 Goat Harshnoise" which was strictly limited to 100 copies as it's printed on the disc and sleeve, it has 5 untitled tracks and the sleeve also folds out so don't buy this if you see it without the "Ltd 100" and "BG" markings printed on the disc and if the sleeve does not have a Front and Back folded sleeve. The last 2 CD's can still be obtainable from Distros' they are official label releases the 3rd CD being a "S/T" is the 1st Demo put into proper CD format with a small Obi and a Gatefold sleeve which was put out by Dan-Doh Records as Dan-Doh 082. The last CD being "BLACKGOAT AKA GOATWORSHIPPER - "The Blackgoat Mass" which contains 2 tracks that was put on the Deathrash Armageddon Label. And the final release was still being pressed when Kawakami passed away and it was released 1 month later. I still have to pick up myself but it was released on Nat Records as "V/A Feed Your Ego CD"

The Demo was put up on Damaging Noise awhile back before it was re-released in proper format so be sure to buy it if you never got a Demo

BLACKGOAT - "Sabbatic 5 Goat Harshnoise"

WIND OF PAIN - "State of Brutality" EP

WIND OF PAIN - "State of Brutality" EP is another band that features Otto on drums this was the 1st release on the Paank Levyt Label. 'Crust' like vocals with a metallic + raw sound. I don't know much about them other than that.


ARMED REVOLUTION - "10 Tracks EP" features Kawakami (DISCLOSE) and Otto (SELFISH/FORCA MACABRA/Etc.) in which I believe was recorded during the time Otto was in Japan and they got together for a little project, I never got around to asking Kawakami about it. But I'm pretty sure he was on Guitar and Otto was on Drums. Odd cover but the music is noisy and raw.

INSANE YOUTH - "Not Give A Damn" EP & split Ep with BOYCOTT

INSANE YOUTH - "Not Give A Damn" EP
INSANE YOUTH - Boycot split-7 (1997)
Unas de las mejores bandas Crust 90'teras japonesa, editado por Bloodsucker Records , esta banda es de la zona legendaria ciudad Cochi City del mismo Disclose. yo aun estoy viendo otras ediciones sacadas por esta bandas asi que si algun dato tengan porfavor haganmela saber , gracias.
Viendo que no encontre el Cover de este Insane Youth - Boycot split-7 (1997) , solo lo pondre como un agregado, ademas si tienen por ahi estos 2 ediciones, si es posible enviarmelas:
Insane Youth - DISCLOSE split-7"EP
Insane Youth - DISASSOCIATE split-7"EP


Upped is the JOY / EXIT HIPPIES Split 8.5" (Going by "EXIT HOPPERS" on this split) both Japanese bands. This was released about 1-2 years ago on the We Suck Label and I scored a copy on Pink/Blue vinyl from the good folks at Nat. I think there's also another colored version or regular black and I've seen a White sleeve of this. EXIT HIPPIES were on a roll of dishing out some "raver-noise crust" but the band had broke-up about 7 months ago when the singer moved to Australia. JOY dish out 1 track of an unusual yet catchy song as they call it in Japan 'Delusion Disco". I know JOY have releases out and EXIT HIPPIES still have releases available check Nat or Base from Japan and this 8.5" is just about gone last re-stocks happened months ago and not too many places have it. In the US check HC Holocaust and Regnub for some of their stuff. I cannot translate the JOY track so I have to put in "Japanese Title" in which I hate doing.


4Shared Link
If you need a 4shared link for past updates let me know so I can up them, it'll take a long time if I upped all of them.

Also, keep and out an eye on Ebay. There have been a few 'scammers' that list fake auctions like this one of an ANTI-CIMEX EP These are scammers, I know since I was recently scammed by one with a different record but the same layout and fucked up spelling DO NOT PAY, Ebay sent me a message 2 days after I paid for the auction I won saying they removed the seller for violating terms.

CROW - "Death of Nuclear Arms" EP

And last here's a rip of CROW - "Death of Nuclear Arms" EP self-released on their label as CROW - 02 recorded at OUR HOUSE in 98 it contains 3 tracks, no intro needed. One thing to add is why is the newest 12" hitting big bucks on EBay? I sold a copy and got a nice amount that's because I had the very ltd edition but I'm seeing just regular black copies going over $30. If you don't have the 12" check Nat, Base, etc. It's still very easy to find.

CROW - "Death of Nuclear Arms" EP

Here's the S.D.S. interview from the "Do-it 52" Fanzine #4 it's about 6 pages long. So enjoy it if you can read it.
SDS/Takacho London interview

V/A JAPAN ONE: 4 EP's on 1 LP

JAPAN ONE: 4 EP's on 1 LP

The LSD EP has to be my favorite of the 4. Listen to their track "Karen Nash"if you've never have. It starts off soft but then it gets heavy, No disappointment.
CONFUSE - "Spending Loud Night" EP Stuart Schrader wrote a great article about this EP here -
Be sure to read his KURO article also. Or if you have time all of them. GIL was the only band who I've never heard of myself on the LP, So if you know where I can find out more about them let me know!

Here's the insert:



I finally got a copy for myself of this awesome split. No disappointment on this split both bands shred, mandatory to hear. This was a legit release on Answer Records I have no idea how many were pressed but it seems about as hard to find as the DEATH SIDE / CHAOS UK 12" bootleg, so maybe 500, Ha. The only thing I didn't like about my copy was the stains on the cover that the previous owner(s) left. But still awesome to have a copy now.

And a recent score was this release from Absolute Power Records (Who does better bootlegs than others) of this LP containing 4 classic Japanese EP's not sure how many of these were pressed but it's pretty good sounding and has great info on the insert.

DISCLOSE - "Apocalypse Continues EP"

Otras de las tantas ediciones de Disclose, mas trabajado que los primeros discos, muy buenos:

DISCLOSE - "Apocalypse Continues EP"

THE EXECUTE - "Blunt Sleazy" 12" EP

THE EXECUTE - "Blunt Sleazy" 12" EP

I finally finished my DISCLOSE collection of split EP's. The only EP I am missing is the 1st. Just ripped is the split EP w/ SELFISH which has the DISCARD cover that fucking shreds. Note: This is the 1st press version, I heard the 2nd press was "re-mastered". And here's the last EP (not being a split) that was released which was recorded the same time as the NO FUCKER split on Overthrow which those recordings have to be the cleanest sounding of the DIS-BONES era. This EP titled "Apocalypse Continues" has a FADER WAR cover.

THE EXECUTE - "Blunt Sleazy" 12" EP
Info release:

DISCLOSE - "The Aspects of War" 10" & "4 Track E.P. 1997"

DISCLOSE - "The Aspects of War" 10"

For those not aware DISCLOSE were not always a "straight DISCHARGE rip-off" Sure DISCHARGE played a large part of their influence but there were other bands that they were influenced by and these were divided by "era's" such as the recent era was known as "Dis-Bones" mixing the BROKEN BONES and DISCHARGE sound. During the 1997-98 period their recordings were known as "Dis-Lickers", using the SKITSLICKERS influence and they released 2 tapes titled "Total Dislickers" (Self-released), which the tracks were made for Comp releases but ended up being on the split w/ TOTALITAR, and "The Aspects of War" which was a split release on Crust War Records and Chaos of Destruction (Kawakami's old label) under a small press of 200 which was later re-issued as a 10" EP on the FFT Label as FFT -014. They also recorded a 7" EP titled "4 Track EP 1997" which the cover was similar to the "Warsystem/Sprackta Snutskallar" EP by SKITSLICKERS. The 7" EP was released on Overthrow records as Overthrow-020 on a pressing of 1,000 w/ Ltd Edition Clear Blue vinyl maybe only 300 of those were made. It was said that there was going to be a new 'era' added to the DISCLOSE catalog, ending the "Dis-Bones" before Kawakami's passing unfortunately those will be never be heard of, Unless the folks at Dan-Doh find hidden recordings..

DISCLOSE - "4 Track E.P. 1997"

Abraham Cross - Tokyo sound system 2 Comp. & Live Demo

Aqui este es un compilado donde aparece la banda, solo comprimi su parte y no todo el disco, pero estan estas bandas: ABRAHAM CROSS/DECONSTRUCTION/EFFECT/EXITHIPPIES/ JOY/STAGNATION/TANTRUM/TAKAAKI ITOH/TATSUYA OE

Abraham Cross - Tokyo Sound System 2 Comp.

Abraham Cross - Live Tape


Abraham Cross
@ Mount System 2005,Tokyo Odaiba Open Court
(23rd Oct '05)
Abraham Cross Abraham Cross
Abraham Cross Abraham Cross
Abraham Cross Abraham Cross
Abraham Cross
Abraham Cross Abraham Cross Abraham Cross Abraham Cross
photos by ryota