lunes, 7 de enero de 2008


BLACKGOAT / GOATWORSHIPPER was the final project by Kawakami/DISCLOSE it was a project of a mixture of ambient dark noise, full blown noise. 4 CD's were pressed and an appearance on a Comp. The 1st CD was a demo titled "Blackgoat Harshnoise Demo" this was a Self-Released CD-R limited to 666 copies it came in a plain CD-R with Front and Back covers, I've already seen a bootleg copy of it, funny huh? The 2nd CD is the one I'm putting up today titled as BLACKGOAT - "Sabbatic 5 Goat Harshnoise" which was strictly limited to 100 copies as it's printed on the disc and sleeve, it has 5 untitled tracks and the sleeve also folds out so don't buy this if you see it without the "Ltd 100" and "BG" markings printed on the disc and if the sleeve does not have a Front and Back folded sleeve. The last 2 CD's can still be obtainable from Distros' they are official label releases the 3rd CD being a "S/T" is the 1st Demo put into proper CD format with a small Obi and a Gatefold sleeve which was put out by Dan-Doh Records as Dan-Doh 082. The last CD being "BLACKGOAT AKA GOATWORSHIPPER - "The Blackgoat Mass" which contains 2 tracks that was put on the Deathrash Armageddon Label. And the final release was still being pressed when Kawakami passed away and it was released 1 month later. I still have to pick up myself but it was released on Nat Records as "V/A Feed Your Ego CD"

The Demo was put up on Damaging Noise awhile back before it was re-released in proper format so be sure to buy it if you never got a Demo

BLACKGOAT - "Sabbatic 5 Goat Harshnoise"

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