lunes, 7 de enero de 2008


Upped is the JOY / EXIT HIPPIES Split 8.5" (Going by "EXIT HOPPERS" on this split) both Japanese bands. This was released about 1-2 years ago on the We Suck Label and I scored a copy on Pink/Blue vinyl from the good folks at Nat. I think there's also another colored version or regular black and I've seen a White sleeve of this. EXIT HIPPIES were on a roll of dishing out some "raver-noise crust" but the band had broke-up about 7 months ago when the singer moved to Australia. JOY dish out 1 track of an unusual yet catchy song as they call it in Japan 'Delusion Disco". I know JOY have releases out and EXIT HIPPIES still have releases available check Nat or Base from Japan and this 8.5" is just about gone last re-stocks happened months ago and not too many places have it. In the US check HC Holocaust and Regnub for some of their stuff. I cannot translate the JOY track so I have to put in "Japanese Title" in which I hate doing.


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If you need a 4shared link for past updates let me know so I can up them, it'll take a long time if I upped all of them.

Also, keep and out an eye on Ebay. There have been a few 'scammers' that list fake auctions like this one of an ANTI-CIMEX EP These are scammers, I know since I was recently scammed by one with a different record but the same layout and fucked up spelling DO NOT PAY, Ebay sent me a message 2 days after I paid for the auction I won saying they removed the seller for violating terms.

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