lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2007

SPLATTERREAH – s/t 7" (1990 / Premature Entombment)

Noisy grindcore from Houston, TX. This record was recorded live, says on the inside that one of the kick drum mics didn't work. After an apology for the sound, they promised a split LP would be out soon. It never happened. The cover art is great, calling out Earache bands as sellouts, and the lyric sheet is full of shit talking. If it wasn't for the spoken bit at the front of the record, I'd have no idea what speed this record is supposed to be played at. It sounds good at both.


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deathgrinder dijo...

oe tio no se puede bajar
splatterreah esa porkeria del megaloud no sirve para nada
subelo mejor en rapidshare o en otro programa