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The Band was formed in August 1990 in Hamburg when Stoffel (guitar/vocals) met Pattex (drums) painting his room in a squad.
After a small talk both decided to start an ultrafast Hardcore band, because their old bands had been split up.The most inspiration ,Larm,Electro hippies,Nun Fuckers,Septhic Death,M.A.F, Old DRI,SOB,SM70,Active Minds,Napalm Death,etc.

After many intense rehearsals they entered the stage for the first time in January 1991. It was horrible, but the
crowd liked it. In April 1991, they recorded their first demotape with 21 songs on it. To support the demo,
they made some gigs in the area of Hamburg during the next months. In the End of 1991, the drummer was too
busy with his job and he didn´t liked that style of music to much anymore, because the music became faster and more
brutal. So he decided to leave the band in Februrary 1992. Stoffel asked his friend Emu, who played in a local
Punk/Hardcoreband called "Derider" (RIP), if he would join the band and he did. After several months of practising 25 songs,
the band did their first gig with the new line-up in September 1992. It was horrible as well but the crowd liked it again.

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YACOPSAE - Fuck Punkrock... this is turbo-speed-violence!


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