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Doctor and the Crippens - Raphanadosis (Repost)

Doctor and the Crippens


Label: Manic Ears Records
Cat. #: ACHE 018 CD
Released: 1989


Garden Centre Murders
Zombies In Disneyland
The Elvis Shroud
Enter The Garden
I'm So Dumb
G Plan 9 From Outer Space
My Brother Is A Headcase

Anti-Christ On Button Moon
Kid With The Removable Face
Fire Prevention
Song For Guy
8 Years In Office
Jimmy Goes To Egypt

Extreme Noise T
Nightmare On Sesame Street


Pink Machine Gun
The Ballade Of Farmer Vincent
Garden Centre Murders
Peely Backwards
Ode To A Slug

Pneumatic Geek
Death Squad
Jimmy Goes To Egypt
Don't Look In The Freezer
Experiment Conclusion

This album is a killer, great and monsterous hardcore that really blasts your head off! Like many cool bands of this time I heard them first at John Peels great BFBS-Radioshow back in the late 80s and they are still one of my favorite HC-Acts. Sorry that I couldn't provide any more information about them, I found nearly nothing in the net expect that they came from Bristol/UK. Their shows must have been really weird and spectacular, including a firebreathing singer and tons of exploding cabbage on the stage.

The Raphanadosis-Album was released in 1988 on Vinyl, the CD came out in 1989 with a 12 song Peel Session added as Bonus.

And, as always there is something you could do for me at last. For Years I'm on a heavy search for their "Fired from the circus" album, please let me know if you can help me with that. If you know some more about them or what these guys are doing nowadays, let me know. And last but not least there is a 3rd album in their discography “Avant Gardening”, wich would be also very interesting for me. THX

Source: CD
Format: mp3 (192kbps)
Cover: included (300dpi scan)

Download here (92MB)!

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