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Electro Hippies - Play fast or die

Electro Hippies
Play fast or die

Label: Necrosis
Cat. #: NECRO 001

Released: 1986


Intro (Wrath of Michael)
Acid rain
Run Ronald
Wings of death
Theme toon (Frash it out)

Am I Punk yet?
The reaper
Next time
Vivisection song
Profit from death
Mega-Armageddondeath Pt.3
The horns of Hades

This eccentric "grindcore" outfit formed in Liverpool, England, in 1985. Specializing in low-technology studio techniques, they went on to issue a sequence of albums for Peaceville, and, later, Necrosis. In each case, a distorted, bass-laden barrage was overridden by stomach-churning vocals that consciously lacked both finesse and cohesion. The band's initial line-up (as you find on this release) featured Simon (drums), Bruno (bass), Andy (guitar) and Jeff Walker (vocals) After recording a split-single with Generic, Jeff and Bruno left the band, with the former joining Carcass. Bruno was replaced by Dom, with all three members assuming vocal duties. Chaotic and extreme, Electro Hippies used their platform to chastise the whole recording industry. Their mantle was upheld in the first case by Radio 1 disc jockey John Peel, for whom the band recorded a July 1987 session consisting of nine tracks. If you are interested in this too I recommend you a visit @ The Perfumed Garden. Kriss posted it there 2 weeks ago (and if you are interested in more Peelsessions you should have a look there too - it's my #1 blog for all the peely crap). The Electro Hippies split-up in 1989.

Source: Vinyl
Format: mp3 (192kbps)

Cover: included (300dpi scan)

Download here (24MB)!

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