lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007

Discard-Death from above 7"

I didn't realise it before but its been long long time since a band from Sweden was posted here. So here's some classic d-beat tunes from a pioneering band for the d-beat swedish punk.
Discard was formed in early/mid 80's and members were involved with bands such as Mob47 (Ake) as well Protest Bengt, Agoni and Filthy Christians (Per) . They were one of the first bands that gave breath to the Discharge worship in the Swedish scene the latter years. Death from above ep was released by Rodel Records (originally released by Jesus Kudd Records) it consists of six dis-tracks coming straight outta the Discharge recordings of the "See nothing..." era. Discard had also a demo tape from 1985, the Four minutes past midnight full length and contributed tracks in Really Fast Vol 3 comp(some vol's are still available on Only in it for the music).
1. Death from above
2. Condemned to oppression
3. Survive
4. Death race
5. Blistering light
6. Sounds of war

Discard-Death from above 7"
Discard-Death from above 7"

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