lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007

Diskonto-More power to the cops..7"

And now raging crustcore from Uppsala, Sweden: Diskonto was formed back in 1992, they recorded threir first demo two years latter and they are still active recording and touring around the world, there's a detailed history in their Myspace web page
"More power to the less power to the people" is their third record, it was recorded in March and June of 1995 and was released by Malarie Records during the winter of 1995/96. It consists of eleven tracks of dis-crustcore, Kuk fitta majonassas is a cover song of Bristning from Australia. I dont know if some copies are still floating around but the band has their recorded material available for downloading since 2004(thats when i discovered their old website, there was another ancient site of their's back in mid 90's..),
Vapnad konflikt was included in 'Uppsala Crust comp' ep(Your own jailer Records). Nar kriget ar slut was Diskonto's contribution in 'Distortion to hell volume 2' comp cd (Distortion Records).
Diskonto myspace
Diskonto mp3
01.Ett oskyldigt land
02.Nar kriget ar slut
03.Medans dom dor
05.Krossa systemet
06.Kuk fitta majonassas
07.Den stora glomskan
08.Vapnad konflikt
11.Javligt enkelt

Diskonto-More power to the cops...7"

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