lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007


sweden vs.germany on this little fucker! I think I don´t need to introduce both bands? 4 tracks, 2 from each band and every song is a coversong! YACÖPSAE take care of [LET`S DRINK SOME BEER] and GANG GREEN VERBAL ABUSE and MASSGRAV rip through 1 LOS CRUDOS song [gave it swedish lyrics] and a song by a guy called EDDIE MEDUZA who ever he might be!
oh, wait a minute: if my swedish serves me well thissong title would translate to social-democrat ...and those bastards will all rot in hell as the don`t turn to the light! AMEN!

DivShare File - yacöpsae_-_massgrav_-_split_5__.rar

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