lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007

Wolfbrigade/Audio Kollaps-split 7"

This is a split 7" on Epistrophy Records, released in 2001. Wolfbrigade from Sweden was Wolfpack after changing name to avoid any association with a Swedish Neo-Nazi organisation and here they offer three tracks of d-beat scandinavian crust with heavy sound, tight rhythm section and screaming vocals. Including former members of Anti Cimex, Obscure Infinity and Harlequin Band. Audio Kollaps from Germany are more brutal to the limits of death metal/grind with d-beat riffs but down tuned distorted guitars and deep throaty vocals. Good stuff too.

The cover artowk of Audio Kolaps is some fotos with the members of band murdered and Wolfbrigade's side is on the common crust style. Wolfbrigade broke up in 2004, according to their MySpace, they are back in action writting new material, yes! that sounds great! Meanwhile four members of the band just after they broke up, formed Today's Overdose and released a 7" in hardcore direction.

Wolfbrigade side:
1. High tech degradation

2. Equality

3. Misery

Audio Kollaps side:

1. Schwadronen des todes

2. Wahnsinn

3. 5 vor 12

Wolfbrigade/Audio Kollaps-split 7"

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