lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007

V.A bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation

84 songs by all kinds of different artists ranging from the relatively well-known to bands who sound like they were little more than just a joke - created for the sake of being put on the compilation! this goes from insanely fast hardcore punk to pure noise. The longest track is 22 seconds long. What more do you need to know? the bands included are:
01-final conflict - promise keeper 02-lack of interest - frustration 03-324 - modify 04-avulsion - bootleg holywater 05-noothgrush - strawberry shortcake and friends holding... 06-supression - feed on their vomit 07-slight slappers - anal count 08-melt banana - 7.2 seconds flipping 09-godstomper - last request sellout 10-dead bodies everywhere - pepper spray 11-gob - clobbered with a brick 12-the dread - cock-n-balls 13-burned up bled dry - code red 14-fuck on the beach - fuck on the beach 15-fuck on the beach - happy 16-fuck on the beach - grudge 17-fuck on the beach - never trust tammy 18-fuck on the beach - killed by fast 19-mk ultra - whalers, jets, nordiques 20-slobber - three well placed bullets killed four members... 21-ruido - habre 22-benumb - with without 23-mexican power authority - victorian punque 24-combat wounded veteran - 28...i'm sweet, i'm sexy, and... 25-asspatula - i eat my own shit 26-asspatula - beatdown 27-fanatics - hope 28-senseless apocalypse - pretense pt 2 29-vilently ill - sacrificed 30-nice view - take off your diaper 31-quadiliacha - gordon city limits 32-disassociate - phatboy 33-palatka - let's toss this fucking shit to the fire! 34-flash gordon - bassfisher 35-japanese torture comedy hour - i ran over your dog while it was taking a shit 36-the judas iscariot - immobile geniuses 37-scalp-lock - profound incessant minimalism 38-enemy soil - the great debate 39-charles bronson - 412 wolfpack 40-real reggae - untitled 41-mange - ferrigno's revenge 42-egotismo - fuck you very much 43-disney violence - the spazz triptych 44-tomsk 7 - south of heaven 45-excruciating terror - down but not out 46-brother inferior - moment of silence 47-black army jacket - pugilistic attitude 48-swiss army blanket - go human not ape 49-bad acid trip - ego 50-bad acid trip - spaz attack 51-beast - philip morris crematorium 52-devoid of faith - hollowed out 53-despise you - life span 54-harsh - chloric a 55-the misanthropists - cruel, rude, defensive street ente.. 56-bastard noise - ode to judi bari 57-dismal marsh gas - little prince real 58-in humanity - lady died 59-rash of beatings - altar to waste 61-los crudos - me lo paso el culo 62-the locust - do you dig deep graves 63-society of friends - 12 steps 64-agoraphobic nosebleed - can you dig 65-utter bastard - puke machine 66-resin - hee haw space chicken dinner 67-pretentious assholes - legislating hate 68-pretentious assholes - fuck the middle class 69-little princess - this is napalm 70-little princess - mystery 71-action jackson - bam pt 3 72-action jackson - bam pt 1 73-action jackson - bam pt 2 74-no less - candygram mongo vs carl the tooth williams 75-pound - wifebeater 76-hated principles - kervorkorama 77-your mother - don't fuck with the ghost 78-gasp - night ranger changed their name to fyp 79-seventh victim - daughter 80-seventh victim - i'm a big chicken 81-none of your fucking business - 1 live track 82-no think - arm animals 83-gyga - the guns get trained 84-degrade - woman and children blown to shit
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