lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007

G-ANX-Far out 7"

ok, lets get back to late-80's bringing this treasure to the light: I knew them as "Gianks" but G-ANX in Sweden is pronounced more like "yonks" than like "gee-anks" or "ganks and it apparently means pregnant duck or something(is there anybody out there from Sweden to correct me if i am wrong??). Anyway, Far out was released in 1989 on Finn Records, right after the split w Filthy Christians. Four tracks, Slow melodic intro parts followed by stormy outbreaks of swedish hardcore, gruff vocals,lyrics in swedish and decent production( a kind of raw but its ok). The cover artwork reminds me the fairytale of little prince from another planet. Included in the Flashbacks CD (1993). And don't forget: Two of the G-ANX guys are/were in Counteblast ..

1. Ninteenninteyeight
2. Stenad
3. Aappelskruttar

4. Skitsnack

G-ANX-Far out 7"

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