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Dischange/Excrement of War-split

Dischange from Sweden formed in 1989. They recorded a couple of demos and released Seeing feeling bleeding lp('92,Nuclear Blast), a split 7' with CFDL (MCR) and this split with E.O.W before changing their name to Meanwhile in 1995. Dischange members were involved with bands such as Imperial Leather, No Security, Krigshot, Totalitar etc
Excrement of War were a hardcore/crust band from UK, formed in early 90's, they recorded 2 demos and released The waste & the geeed 7"(R.T.P. Records), this split with Dischange (Finn Records) a split full lenght with the Connecticut crusties Deformed Conscience and the Cathode ray coma CD (Finn). Vocalist Leigh latter joined Violent Arrest
About the stuff here: Having a band with Dis- in the name is clear what you should expect : Dischange's side is as Discharge as it can get: D-beat riffs and singing style coming straight from the old good Discharge days. Nothing more nothing less but pure Discharge d-beat
Excrement of War have a d-beat hardcore feeling reminding Doom. Fast rhythms, shouting gruff vocals and Sticky (Doom, Extreme Noise Terror etc) beats the drums the way he knows. An insert is included Released on Finn Records in 1994

Dischange side:
1. After war scars
2. On knees
3. Dead end
Excrements of War side:
Excrements of war
2. Caveat emptor
3. Suburbia
4. Bone yard

Dischange/Excrements of War-split

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